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  1. Jamison

    belly dancer belt

    Very cool. . .
  2. Jamison


    Thank you for your input and advice, Rob. . .
  3. Jamison


    Hello! Can anyone recommend a good Platicoat solution to coat pliers with in an attempt to prevent scratching and chipping on AA rings?
  4. Jamison

    AA Scratch Advice

    Greetings! I tried applying black electrical tape around my pliers, which seemed to work for a few units, at which point it started to leave black sticky residue on my jumps rings, creating a whole new problem. What kind of tape do you use, and what kind/brand of Platicoat do you recommend? Also, where can I buy vinyl pliers; can't seem to find them anywhere! Thank you for your time. . .
  5. Jamison

    AB/AA Silver

    Hello! Aside from the coating, are the bright aluminum and the bright silver anodized aluminum virtually the same item? Thanks!
  6. Jamison

    German Silver

    Hello! It was unfortunate to learn of the discontinuance of German Silver from your jump ring repertoire. There are many who are very fond of working with it because of it's desirable tarnishing effect. Would the Ring Lord consider keeping it in production? If not, what are some other metal options that would produce this antiquated look? Thank you!
  7. Jamison

    AA Scratch Advice

    Thank you for the advice! I was actually thinking about wrapping them in tape.
  8. Jamison

    AA Scratch Advice

    Hello! Does anyone have any advice in regards to working with anodized aluminum? It seems no matter how lightly I hold my pliers the coating on the rings chip and scratch easily. Thanks. . .
  9. Jamison

    AA 16g 7/16

    Thank you. . .
  10. Jamison

    AA 16g 7/16

    Hello, does the ringlord not sell AA 16 7/16 rings?
  11. Jamison

    Machine vs. Saw

    Thank you. . .
  12. Jamison

    Machine vs. Saw

    Hello! What, if any, are the benefits of using machine cut over against saw cut jump rings?
  13. Jamison

    SWG/AWG Conversion

    Thank you very much! The link sent me to a "page not found" window though. . .
  14. Jamison

    SWG/AWG Conversion

    How is AWG converted into SWG? I'm making a weave that suggests 16g 9/32 AWG. What is that in SWG?
  15. Jamison

    Aspect Ratio

    It does. Thank you for your assistance. . .