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  1. crkjelstrom

    Medium scale flowers?

    I would like some help with this too. I have lots of medium scales I need to clean stock of and flowers are in popular demand. Any help would be great! I was thinking of using the ring sizes for small scale flowers (18 1/4, 18 3/16, 19 5/32) but I wasn't sure if those would be right.
  2. Do I have to use 16ga 5/16" for large scales? I see it is what is recommended, but I wondered if it is absolutely necessary. All I am making is a keychain 9 scales long (large scale). I already have a bunch of 18ga 1/4", and I was wondering if anybody knows if I can use those instead, or if I absolutely have to buy the 16ga 5/16". Thanks!
  3. crkjelstrom

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    I know they just barely went out of stock, but do you have ideas when Large Blue (SCALEAALG-BLUE) might be back in stock? Rough estimates are welcome, anything I can tell people.
  4. crkjelstrom

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    Thanks for the updates on Medium Red and Medium Black. Any ideas on restock for SCMed-AABRONZE? Trying to decide if it is worth waiting on bronze or just getting the Shiny Copper. Thanks!!