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  1. How do I ask a question about restocking - I don't see a tab to start a new topic.
  2. Daffodil

    Anodized Aluminum

    Will you be making any 18g 5/16" Anodized Color Rings ?
  3. Daffodil

    Niobium - Anodized, black and raw

    Hi! Do you have an eta for 18g ¼" mixed niobium rings?
  4. Daffodil

    Niobium Rings - Mixed

    Do you have any eta on when 18 ¼ niobium rings mixed will be restocked this year?
  5. Daffodil

    Anodized Aluminum

    Any eta of SXAA18532?
  6. Daffodil

    Bright Aluminum rings 18g 5/16" Saw Cut

    wow - I just noticed your response! My bad. I'm managing to work with those bright aluminum rings, filing them when necessary. (I even tried tumbling them to see if that would help, but it really didn't.) I'll try your BA rings again and now I know that if they have burrs...I will call customer service. As always, thanks for your help. -Beth
  7. The last batch of these rings I received from you all had burrs. So I'm thinking maybe I should try Anodized Rings, except you don't make that size. Any possibility that in the near future you'll be making these? I don't want to special order as I don't need a huge amount all at once. I use these for making DragonScale bracelets (along with 16g 5/16") Thanks in advance. _Beth
  8. Daffodil

    Niobium Rings - Mixed

    Do you have any eta on when 18g ¼" niobium rings mixed will be restocked?
  9. Daffodil

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    Do you have an estimate for when the medium red and medium mirror gold will be back in stock?