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  1. thanks for the help. It is my favorite cousin as we spent tons of time together when we were younger and like very similar things. I hadn't considered the matte rings though as that may be a good idea. The reason I was thinking niobium or titanium was because the blues and purples have multiple coloration to them so blues have some purple and vice versa, which would be good for blending and the sky. thanks for the thoughts it's given me a lot to think about.
  2. you could try using blanks instead of scales so that it doesn't poke the top of her foot. or if you like the scale look, use small scales.
  3. I am making a dice bag for my cousin for Christmas, she wants it to be the night sky with a crescent moon and stars. I am thinking about using either titanium or niobium rings to get a nice blended color for the sky but I need opinions. I haven't worked with either metal before so a) which would be better to use, and b) would saw cut or machine cut be better?
  4. I saw you said that there were 3000 rings but it seemed ridiculous to sell all of them for $25
  5. How many of those rings are you selling for the $25 + shipping?