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  1. Jeff

    Anodized Aluminum

    What is the ETA on SXAA1614black?
  2. Jeff

    Inlay bi-frame idea

    Yeah I think I want it at it's natural stretch point since I want it to not have sides supports so it can still bend and sway and such while also not becoming distorted (it has cursive lettering on it so distortion wouldn't be great). thanks for your input.
  3. Jeff

    Inlay bi-frame idea

    Hey guys, I am working on rather large inlay for my brother as a wedding gift, and had an idea on how to hang it without it losing it's shape. I wanted to run the idea by you guys to see if a) it is feasible, b) it is a good idea, and c) anyone had any better ideas. The idea is to long aluminum pipe that is slightly longer than the inlay. I would then drill holes into the bottom of it and loop the rings of the top row through the holes before closing them. I would then do the same thing for the bottom row with another aluminum pipe but the holes would be on the top. that way it can still be flexible but with the corners being at maximum stretch the inlay wouldn't distort. what do you all think?
  4. Jeff

    AB/AA Silver

    They are not. The bright silver is much more like a silvery look than the bright aluminum's standard aluminum look. for a comparison my inlay below uses both the top right logo uses bright silver as well as the inner part of the pink, purple, blue, and green logos. whereas the outer background of the lower section is bright aluminum.
  5. Jeff

    Matte vs. Shiny Titanium

    try washing the old rings with warm water and soap then patting them dry. the oil from your fingers can effect the appearance of titanium rings and make them appear duller; however washing them temporarily removes this effect.
  6. I'd assume the 19 is the gauge.
  7. Jeff

    tapestry project

    I didn't scroll down enough but it is still super accurate. how did you frame it?
  8. Jeff

    tapestry project

    Is that the end product or the reference image? I honestly can't tell. I kind of hope that is the end product because the fact that I can't tell is more props to your craftsmanship. I totally understand the fear of finishing though.
  9. Jeff


    how did you do the knot?
  10. Jeff


    that's really awesome. how long did that take to make?
  11. Jeff

    tapestry project

    I recently purchased some 20g 7/64" rings for an inlay project and have promptly gone back to 16g 1/4" rings instead as I'm more comfortable working with that size. I bring this up because I hadn't realize just how small 20g 7/64" rings are. that fact that you make a 5'x7' project using rings of that size is equal parts impressive and insane. Keep up the good work!
  12. Jeff

    Lantern Corps

    This is a 4 in 1 European weave using 16g 1/4" anodized aluminum rings. It does all nine lantern Corps logos from the comic series Green Lantern.
  13. Jeff


    is that a 4 in 1 European or 6 in 1? also how do you wear it?
  14. Jeff

    Inlays For Dummies!

    I figured that out by accident and now I use it to mark what I have already done in a different color so I can start and stop easily.
  15. http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/11295-inlays-for-dummies/ here is a forum link with how to install and use the program.