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  1. Jeff

    Types of Material

    I personally like working with Anodized Aluminum but I primarily do inlays, bracelets and keychains. I don't delve into armor or high end jewelry so aluminum suits my needs just fine. Also it is readily available in the colors I need.
  2. Jeff

    Glow in the dark inlay

    Where do you even get glow in the dark rings? I looked on the main site and the only glow in the dark I could find were rubber rings and plastic scales.
  3. Jeff

    POW/MIA Flag inlay

    wow. well done, it looks absolutely stunning. I have just 2 questions, 1) was there a reason that you chose 6:1 instead of 4:1? I do a lot of inlays myself but always use 4:1 and just was curious. 2) how do you plan on mounting/hanging it?
  4. Jeff

    POW/MIA Flag inlay

    this is incredible, what size rings did you use?
  5. Jeff

    Armor Stand PVC Materials

    how did your gift go over?
  6. Jeff

    help with swinging mail

    this isn't an answer but what do you do for work that you can wear a knee length chainmail shirt?
  7. Jeff

    Dog Mail Planning a design

    No problem. I hope it goes well.
  8. Jeff

    Blue scale shirt, medium with white, gold, and copper accent.

    This looks amazing! how long did this take?
  9. Jeff

    Armor Stand PVC Materials

    You could get like a JCPenny's, Sear's, Macy's (pretty much any standard clothing store you'd find at a mall) and get a box from there that would have clothing in it, then fold the shirt like a normal piece of clothing and wrap it up that way. you can even use like a soft cloth between the folds to keep it from jingling to much as well as to keep it from rubbing together. It should be pretty entertaining as he expects one thing only to find something way cooler instead.
  10. Jeff

    Dog Mail Planning a design

    this thread has a link to the inlay IGP and how to use it. That program allows you to convert pictures into chainmail and scalemail patterns to help you layout the design without having to figure it out by hand.
  11. Jeff


    It looks like a chainmail sweater vest. which is really cool
  12. in the special notes for that kit it says that 16g 1.6mm = 16g 7/32" I would recommend getting rubber rings that size.
  13. Jeff

    Brass rings or suitable alternative

    I have both of them but the problem is I am already using both in inlay as gold and yellow.
  14. Hey all, on my list of inlay projects in my queue is a inlay of the Hogwarts school crest. I am trying to figure out what to use for the main outline of the crest. I originally purchased machine cut anodized aluminum in "gold" which is fine, but considering that most of the other rings are saw cut and therefore shiny, I don't know how well it will go with the rest of it. I was contemplating getting brass rings, but I don't know if they will tarnish or if they will work out how I want. There isn't an anodized aluminum that is brass colored, so does anyone have any suggestions or input on the current selections? the rings are also 16g 1/4"
  15. Jeff

    Newb Help with Persian 4 in 1

    First I was mistaken in aluminum being cheaper as I didn't notice it is about 600 rings per bag as opposed to 300 for aluminum. that being said I agreed that steel was better for combat, but the OP mentioned he wanted to do an inlay in his first post so that is why I asked what he was making this for as aluminum would give more options for colors and be less work to bend.