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  1. Here is some recent work. I'm just getting back into chainmaille after being away for 10 years. The FP6-1 cross is rigid and opens at the center to a kind of weird shape which lends itself well to use in the Arbitrary Shape Array to the right. It's been a goal of mine to create maille that can be designed in such a way that it can take any shape with as few limits as possible. The rigid tightness of this weave is key to holding the shape of the array. The rings are TRL SXAB12716 (Saw Cut Bright Aluminum 12 gauge 7/16" inside diameter). originated the central connections, though it is quite likely they are nothing new (are they?). Les
  2. Les

    Egg (and Sphere) Generator

    TY MaileWerX! It's great fun getting back into chainmaille again. I have improved the program slightly and started working on an arbitrary shape planning method by making an undulating shape via closely spaced contractions and expansions. Fun! Les
  3. Les

    Egg (and Sphere) Generator

    After making a sphere this morning with 14 ga. 3/8" my hands are sore and tired. Beginning at 1am and ending just now at around 11am, I was able to weave a 700 ring sphere in 10 hours. That's about as quick as I've ever weaved chainmaille. The only problem this time was that I got the reductions mixed up and actually managed to befuddle myself such that one row (on each hemisphere) was skipped, reducing the ring count by probably 100 or so. Oh well, live and learn. For the next sphere I plan to get some 14 ga. 7/16" rings which should be just right for European 8 in 1. Anyway, the program is evolving nicely and as wonky as the sphere is, it's a step in the right direction! I want to write a tutorial for these spheres when the quality is there. Your comments are welcome. Les
  4. Les

    Egg (and Sphere) Generator

    Here is an updated file that still needs testing: new Github repository. It's cleaned up a bit and should (hopefully) make good sphere tables. I did make a sphere with about 500 rings on the original revision software posted previously. It was OK but the final row at each pole could not be woven due to it being too tight. I fixed some measurement issues which should help. This is just a work in progress.
  5. Hi everyone, here is a little table generator for spheres and (hopefully) eggs. It uses the equations from the Spherical Spheres articles that I wrote about on the M.A.I.L. site back in 2008. I checked and it prints correct sphere tables to the screen, however the egg tables are untested. I'm waiting for rings to get ordered and shipped to test the egg part of it. The values must be doubled for Kingsmaille, etc. Please read the original articles for detail. *** Warning: Unverified Software *** Chainmaille_Spheres_20181120b.pde