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  1. Stephbaker

    Sulphuric acid

    There have been so many changes that have taken place since 2008 in SigmaAldrich. Though it has been a long time that this thread was started, the company referred in the quote has taken up so many different activities and launched new things like ChemNavigator, Cell Marque and worked with Research technology Corp, BioReliance, etc. It has also developed many subsidiaries which I think is great when the market for sulfuric acid is so huge. I would love if the guys who had previously commented here to come back and answer again. Things have changed so much in the last ten years. The demand for sulfuric acid has increased tremendously due to the growth of sulfuric acid fertilizers worldwide.
  2. Stephbaker

    Guide on Tumbling

  3. Stephbaker

    Need help making an anklet

    Oh, looks pretty helpful. Never knew making anklets needed this much information. I feel like trying one for myself. If i am successful I will post pictures of it on this thread
  4. Stephbaker

    Finding a finding

    I can some on metaldesignz and on aluminiumjumprings, i don't if i am referring to the right one or no. I hope this helped though
  5. Stephbaker


    I guess the system can be pretty confusing at times. Nice that you got it
  6. Stephbaker

    How long does it take to make...

    Wow, This looks so interesting! All the best for making this, I cannot imagine you making this!