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  1. Nasty Man

    Big Chainmail in Music Video

    Looking through Yahoo News this morning and I saw this. About halfway down the article is a music video of a song by the rapper T.I. In the video you will see a woman dancing around and providing backup vocals who is wearing a giant gold Euro Spiral 4-1 necklace. Thought I would share…..
  2. Nasty Man

    Chain Cube

    Good work p.s. hang on the that quarter. 1964 was the last year they made quarters out of 90%+ silver.
  3. my order should arrive any minute!!

  4. Nasty Man


    it's called IGP and you can get it from this post. Zlosk is the one who made the software. thanks Zlosk good luck
  5. Nasty Man

    Byzantine segment

    .........................That's insane. That's all I can come up with to describe it.
  6. Nasty Man

    SB1438 needed

    i don't have any 14g stainless, but what i do have is some blacking solution. i got it a while back when TRL was changing suppliers for their blackened stainless. i'd be willing to let some go if you had the means of doing it yourself (i.e. the stainless rings and something to soak rings in for about five min). let me know
  7. Nasty Man

    3d modular composition

    i've mad a Jap 8-2 cube out of 16ga 1/4". turned out nice (i think).
  8. Nasty Man

    Stretchy dragonscale

    or you could use the rubber rings for the small links, that way you son't have to worry about the little rings poping out. though it might limit the amount of strech you get from it. just a thought.