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    Scales - all materials and sizes

    What I forgot to ask: will there be golden coloured split rings anytime soon?
  2. Rycbafmn123

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    Any news on the ETA for large adonized aluminium mirror gold scales in bulk packages?
  3. Rycbafmn123

    Group order Germany/Netherlands

    Thank you for the tip I will definetly try it.
  4. Rycbafmn123

    Group order Germany/Netherlands

    So I really want to make a costume out of scale mail but the shipping cost from the american website would be extremely high. I found the european distributer of the ring lord but since they only have small packs that would be even more expensive. Now my question is, if there would be people around cologne or people around Alphen aan den Rijn (where my boyfriend lives) who would also want to order from america. We could then order together and share the shipping cost. We would also need to calculate the tax cost for the individuals though so nobody of us would pay the american price since there is a 19% tax for anything shipped to a EU-country from a non EU-country. Just wanted to make sure you also think about that. I hope there would be some people who would do this as a group though I cannot guarantee that I will actually do it just yet. But as soon as we would have a few people together I would make a plan.