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  1. spamwolf

    Request for dress

    The original was aluminum and probaby 18G 1/4" I have done a dress in this size and it holds up well as long as you plan ahead and reinforce the areas that take more stress. She has no specific deadline, but would prefer not to wait for me to change jobs to have the time.
  2. spamwolf

    Request for dress

    I was planning to help a friend make the White Witch's battle garb, but I just don't have the time. She is willing to pay though I don't know how much yet (she'll get back to me in the next day or so). There is an interview with the orignial creator http://costumes.narniaweb.com/witchbattle.asp with some good reference photos. My friend was going to do the non-chainmail parts. The mesurements she gave me are Height from shoulder to where skirt begin:11inches (from top of shoulder) height from skirt begin to ground:45in hip: 35in Waist: 26in below breasts: 31in distance from shoulder top of seam near hand: 24inches from that seam to the ground: 30inches give or take My friend makes and sells costume pieces at conventions and would be wearing the finished piece in that envronment. She will not be doing any mock combat. We had agreed on bright aluminum (even though this would be shinier than the original) with stainless reinforcing any parts that needed it. This is negotialble if there needs to be a cheaper alternative. Here is a sampling of the outfits she has made and worn in the past http://www.cosplay.com/member/46250/costumes/
  3. I know I won't. I'll hope for next year.
  4. I think I may make this one. I'm coming from the Boston area if anyone needs a ride. I need to make a few modifications to my evening gown and would love to get a few more professional opinions. I also need a few pics of people trying it on; I only have pics of it on a dress form. Ben
  5. spamwolf

    Small Rings + Big Pliers = Moderate Success

    This mostly has to do with the acidity of your skin. I've met people who actually have higher ph (base) skin. They can shower with copper on and never turn green. Most people however have acidic skin.
  6. Ok, finally looked at the train prices and schedule. So not happening. I would have to leave after work on Friday and get into Albany at 2AM or leave Boston at noon on Saturday and get there a bit before 6PM. At least the one that gives me no time there only costs $70. Most of the rest are $230. Unless someone from the Boston area wants to car pool, looks like I'm a no show
  7. I haven't looked at tickets yet so if you want to give me a time preference before I do, that might be best. I don't suppose you were planning on going out the night before I'm not an early bird and my wife likes camping too. Of course space in anyones car will be an issue if camping is involved.
  8. I would like to come, but just recently sold my car. Can anyone tell me how I might get there from Boston without a car?
  9. spamwolf

    Northeast Maillefest 2008

    I'd love to come. Selling my car now though so I'd have to find alternate transportation. Any recommendations or car pools from Boston?
  10. The inspiration gallery is finally up and running, but I can't seem to post. I just get. Platform Error An error has occurred while interacting with the platform. I'm patiently waiting to upload my entry. On a more up note, I've decided that sculpture is where it's at for me. Must finish the stripper outfit I started then I'll be doing sculpture almost exclusively. I really enjoy the challenge. Of course that means no more inexpensive machine made rings for me must get the better saw cut rings. Now I need to win just to keep mailing
  11. spamwolf

    Chain Octopus

    Actually the geometry isn't off nearly as much as the biology The legs on this one attach directly to the body, but in real ones, The legs flow into each other like webbed fingers. I'll make a much better one next time. Maybe for a Christmas present for next year.
  12. spamwolf

    Chain Octopus

    Chain mail octopus made as a birthday present for my girlfriend (now wife). She loves octos and had asked me to make her one. Body is euro 4-1 18gu 1/4". Legs are roundmail 18gu 1/4", 18gu 3/16", 20gu 1/8". The 1/4 have captives. Eyes are 20gu 1/8" byz in a "Y" shape. All rings are aluminum. Stuffing is silk with a few rings in the head for weight.
  13. spamwolf

    Chain Harley

    My friend just moved and is decorating his apartment with unique art from all over the world. He also just bought a motorcycle again after years without one. The two came up in the same conversation and I put them together. Now we get to see what the mail system will do to it. Can you say bubble wrap, bubble wrap, insurance and more bubble wrap?
  14. spamwolf

    Chain Harley

    This will be my submission to the sculpture contest as soon as I can get into the inspiration gallery to post it there. 7" long 4" tall 1.5" wide Captive inverted round for the frame, forks, handle bars, kick stand, and seat. Full Persian for the tires and spokes. Dragon scale for the cylinders. Round mail variants wrapped around CIR for the gas tank and transmission. 12 different ring types not including the few I had to custom make and the few I grabbed from the floor sweepings. I don't have the fortitude at the moment to list them all. Made as a Christmas present for my best friend. The last pic is of my desk right after finishing. Cut off just to the right is the pile of rings mangled beyond usability while trying to cram them into weaves that are too tight. Cut off to the left is the chop stick and twist ties that I found very helpful on this progect.