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  1. Bladeturner

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Any word on SS18316?
  2. Bladeturner

    Armor Stand PVC Materials

    Oh,a garment underbed box, that's a good idea. Thanks!
  3. Bladeturner

    Armor Stand PVC Materials

    I considered a shirt box, but the scale shirt weighs 10+ lbs, which would destroy that box. If I had any skill with wood, I'd make a wooden version of a shirt box.
  4. Bladeturner

    Armor Stand PVC Materials

    Basically,I have a scale shirt that I made as an Christmas gift (the blue one with the white stripe in the gallery), and I need a way of giving it to my brother in law. I was thinking of building a PVC stand and draping fabric over the whole thing so he can "open" it on the day. I can't really think of any other way to give this thing as a gift.
  5. Bladeturner

    Armor Stand PVC Materials

    I'm thinking about making a simple cross bar armor stand using furniture grade PVC. Does anyone have experience using pvc for this purpose? I need to put something together quickly. It's for the scale shirt I just made, which probably weighs 10-15 lbs. Thanks!
  6. Bladeturner


    This is one of the coolest shirts I've ever seen. Good job!
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  8. Meant to fit a man with a 40 inch chest. medium scales (1.4 scales per inch = 56 scales per row).
  9. Bladeturner

    Blue Shirt with white and gold accents

    My second shirt, a gift for my brother-in-law. Sleeveless with a 90 degree seam at the shoulders.
  10. Bladeturner

    Scale shirt 45 degree shoulders

    I'l see how it looks once I've attached the body panels. This is my 12th NASA mission, and yeah the scheduling is vicious, and gets worse with each project. We're going into a very high radiation environment (Inside Jupiter's magnetic field, over 300 krad) and the hoops we have to jump through to prove our parts will survive the mission are really arduous.
  11. Bladeturner

    Scale shirt 45 degree shoulders

    Okay, so I redid the shoulders with a simple seam at the top with a row of scales to cover the links (from the How-to pdf) (first image, blue scales with white and gold accents). What is interesting, is that I pulled my first piece off of one of my wife's dress forms and put it on a mannequin. I'd done lorenzo's hybrid sleeve design, and it never looked right on the dress form, but once it was on the mannequin, it looks really good. The mannequin's shoulders and arms are more buff (male type mannequin vs female type dressform). Anyway, thanks for the clarification, it really helped!
  12. Bladeturner

    Scale shirt 45 degree shoulders

    I do believe this is the very image I was using for a reference. I think trying the 45 degree solution is just in my blood (lol, I'll learn eventually). I've given thought to the engineering problem of having all the front and back weight on those small pieces and I think I'll just go to the vest design (as shown in the scale kit picture). I'll update when I get time later this week to try it. I'm working on a KDP (key decision point) review for my mission at work and getting time to relax and do some scales had to wait. NASA runs a really tough review program and I need to get ahead of it.
  13. Bladeturner

    Scale shirt 45 degree shoulders

    I guess I'm a little unclear on how to attach the front and back pieces. they are going in opposite directions. I thought the whole purpose of the shoulder piece is top make that connection.
  14. Bladeturner

    Scale shirt 45 degree shoulders

    I think if I do this I'll also need to reduce the bottom rows of the shoulder pieces, right now they are just too long. (i.e. the long end of the trapezoid needs to be considerably shorter
  15. Bladeturner

    Scale shirt 45 degree shoulders

    I've put it on my wife's dressform to take these pics, but it does the same thing on a human model with much wider shoulders (in fact it's even worse. If I have to, I'll just remove the trapezoidal pieces, buildup the front and back and just have things meet at a 90 degree seam, but I was hoping for something more elegant.