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  1. Bladeturner

    Dragonscale with spring tempered stainless steel

    Very impressive. I really like the seam down the center too. Out of curiosity, what are your two ring sizes?
  2. Bladeturner

    Aluminum - Bright

    ANy word on the saw cut 7/32" 18G rings? SXAB18732
  3. Bladeturner

    Armor Stand PVC Materials

    He friggin loved it, blown away. And the scale bikini top and bottom went over super well, too.
  4. Bladeturner

    minimizing the weight of the scale vest

    I spent the day interviewing candidates for a lead Quality Assurance job for or group at the University. I find myself wondering if the chainmail industry uses iso9000 standards, or something more stringent.
  5. Bladeturner

    minimizing the weight of the scale vest

    I ended up doing a strength test mainly aimed at the stresses that will be present at the shoulders using large scales and aluminum saw-cut butted rings. It held up easily with no noticeable opening on the rings even holding up more then 8x the expected weight of the vest, so I'm not too concerned. I'll see how it does in the real world, but I should have plenty of margin.
  6. Bladeturner

    minimizing the weight of the scale vest

    I wanted to make "the last chainmail shirt I'd ever need." It was certainly the last chainmail shirt I ever made.
  7. Bladeturner

    minimizing the weight of the scale vest

    I still have my ring making kit, but after making 120,000 rings for my 1/8" shirt, but I thought those days were behind me, heh.
  8. Bladeturner

    minimizing the weight of the scale vest

    Are the stainless rings here spring stainless? if not, can you recommend a source? I've never worked with split rings, but the #7fs from worthco would be prohibitively expensive.
  9. Bladeturner

    Aluminum - Bright

    Is there an ETA on saw cut 16g 5/16"? SXAB16516
  10. Bladeturner

    minimizing the weight of the scale vest

    Yeah I'm out of MBs myself. Anyone know how to get that reset?
  11. Bladeturner

    minimizing the weight of the scale vest

    I'm also 5'9". I'm big, mean big around the chest and belly. It's good to know it (probably) won't just fall apart.
  12. So I'm making a purely cosmetic (i.e. not being used in any sort of larp event) shirt for myself. I'm wearing it for an event where I might have it on for a number of hours in a row. Otherwise it'll sit on display on a mannequin. I'm using large scales (anodized and and painted aluminum) and would like to be able to get away with just aluminum rings to minimize weight. I'm a big guy, so there's already going to be a lot of mass in the scales themselves. I'd also like to use saw cut rings, since they are so much easier to work with. Do you think I can get away with the standard weave (i.e. not having to use 3 rings per scale) and not have the thing fall apart? Has anyone here done it thins way? I've always worked with stainless rings, but they will add so much weight to this piece. Thanks.
  13. Bladeturner

    Blue scale shirt, medium with white, gold, and copper accent.

    I made a test shirt in a smaller size to get a feel for the technique, and to get my crafting hands back into shape. Once I started this piece, maybe 2-3 months of 2 hours or so a day. I did the body in four panels to keep the size manageable, and the front and back yoke separately. It took about 4 hours to stitch everything together on my padded kitchen table, and that last seam was a killer.
  14. Bladeturner

    scale bikini red/gold/blue

    I tried to use tiny scales instead of small, but they were both hard to work with and at a distance, you couldn't tell it was scales. Doing this in small scales took only a few hours. don't know why you wouldn't do it.
  15. Bladeturner

    scale bikini red/gold/blue

    small scales with orbital byzantine cord from the halter and sides. Bottom held on with silk cord and cinched by passing cord through the top row of rings around the belly, tied on the side.