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    Looking to expand my ring inventory

    I order rings from TRL. I think the "strange warping" comes from how I open or close the rings. I use saw cut rings, and when I close them, trying to get rid of as much kerf as possible, they always end up warped/twisted in a way that they do not lay flat. Even if you were to lay them individually on a table, they have a wobble if you put your finger on them and rock it back and forth. I just call it a "strange warp", because I haven't seen any mention of it anywhere. Not that I have done years and years of research, mind you. Thank you for clearing up some of my questions about more complicated Euro 4 in 1 weaves! I really appreciate it! While I still feel like it is beyond my skill level at this time, I will definitely refer back to this information when I decide to expand into other things!
  2. maggotface

    First successful 3d byz render

    I have been doing two "connector rings". Looking at that image, I do not hate the look of three, but I do enjoy the look of two. Looks really nice, and easy to understand, if someone wanted to use two+ different colors in the weave.
  3. maggotface

    Looking to expand my ring inventory

    It may, but I am really getting into "the rabbit hole effect" as I call it, in regards to a hobby; I learn/research how to improve something, which leads to other things, which lead to still more things. I was happy just doing some of the (to me) simpler weaves, but then I looked at RSD, which lead to Bee Stings, which lead to everything else. Like opening a door, and seeing a hundred more doors! I hope so, I have a background as a machinist, so the math is no problem, just getting my brain to visualize a practical application of that math. Years spent being a mostly visual learner is a hindrance right now! I had been looking at the really tiny micro maille stuff, but that would require further investment in tools, and I have large hands that do not always do the tiniest of things well. And, I would think that the strange warping of rings I am getting would be even more pronounced on something that small. I do not think I will ever go beyond jewelry and inlays with Euro 4 in 1. All of the extra rules like "45 degree seem (which is actually 60 degrees)" just seems overwhelming. More young people need hobbies beyond social media and those awful battle royale video games.
  4. maggotface

    Looking to expand my ring inventory

    Jeff: I have thought about expanding into other gauges to do inlays, but I know I would have a hard time doing one without some kind of pattern to follow. Good luck with your recent branching out! Konstantin the Red: I understand the math, and have printed out TRL's chart of AR for comparison, but practical application of AR is still somewhat vague to me. I worry that "going crazy" with different wire diameters/gauges on the same piece of jewelry/whatever would look strange, but that could just be my inexperience. I will try your suggested approach, thank you!
  5. maggotface

    Looking to expand my ring inventory

    Hello, I have recently (in the last eight months or so) started making chainmaille jewelry. I am currently using 16g 5/16 ID and 16g 7/32 ID, and I am looking to expand my collection of rings in order to make things like Helm, Dragonscale, Dragonsteps, King's Scale, Vertebrae (looks like a single row of King's Scale?), Japanese 12 in 2, etc. I already do Euro 4 in 1, Byzantine, Rhinos Snorting Drano, Persian 6 in 1, Box, Persian 4 in 1, Barrel, Rosetta, and Bee Stings. I still look at myself as a beginner, but I would like to be able to branch out. I am not sure which ring sizes would best facilitate that, without running into the "this ring size does not work with any other ring size" dilemma. I hope that is clear; sometimes I have a hard time articulating my jumbled thoughts. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you kindly!