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    Rings/Scales for Kid's Armour?

    Thank you. I was able to get in touch with a friend who's husband works with scales and I got the basics figured out and ordered. Since he does have such tiny arms, it would be difficult to get a piece fit and stay secure. My friend suggested crocheting a glove with scales but we will see and experiment once everything gets here. I do want to ensure he can handle it since he's so young and though he finds it exciting now, once layers are added he may get annoyed and unhappy with it. I ordered enough for us to play with for now.
  2. Pbarron88

    Rings/Scales for Kid's Armour?

    I'm very new to all of this but my son wants to go as some sort of dragon rider to a convention we're attending. We drew up his costume which includes a couple shoulder pieces made with scales as well as a possible glove or arm piece. I've been searching around and since he's only 8, we decided medium Anodized Aluminum would probably best. (Please correct me if there's a better material to use.) My question is what size rings do you believe would be best to use for these and about how many scales/rings should I order for a young child? Shoulders will probably be around a 6"x 6"(x2) area and arm around a 7"x 6". I will definitely order extra just in case, just need a general idea of what I'm looking at. Thank you so much!