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    Making armour from steel washers?

    Thanks for everyone's contributions. The cheapness of my approach (£10 for washers, £24 for ferrules and £10 for steel cable) is one of the reasons I'm considering it, rather than speed of manufacture. That said, I'm not keen on making the plates myself. I'm thinking of using small loops of 2 mm steel cable to make the connections between washers and the loops of steel cable would be held closed with crimped aluminium ferrules. I think if the ferrules are crimped properly, it should not be possible to open them with pliers and if that's a decent standard to go by, shouldn't be seperable by a knife. I could dish the washers by spanning them across 41 mm steel channel and tightening a bolt through them with a ratcheting socket (I did this recently accidentally) but it would take a long time for a few hundred washers. 100 M6 40 mm steel washers of the kind I'm considering apparently weight 0.75 kg and I guessed that if I need 500 total, that's only ~4kg plus the wire (~0.4 kg) and ferrules. I don't mind it being heavy; I've heard of people wearing chain mail just to help keep fit. Being pushed off a bridge will of course be my Achilles' heel. I considered just buying this but it leaves the neck and shoulders unprotected which I think are a likely target in a knife attack.
  2. THX1138

    new concept? fender washer lamellar armor

    Those tumblr pictures are gone now
  3. This is maybe a bit of a stupid idea but I live in colourful Merseyside, UK where knifecrime is increasing and my mother is concerned about me being in the city after dark (knows someone who knows someone who got stabbed) but did seem less concerned when I mentioned the price of stab-resistant armour! Decent armour that protects the neck and sides and arms (all these areas make an appearance when searching Google images for stab wounds) as well as front and back torso is expensive so I was considering making something myself. I'm a maker-wannabe so I like making stuff but I don't want it to take forever so I'm not looking to painstakingly reproduce ancient techniques or anything like that - I hope this doesn't offend the mail connoisseurs of this forum; I was actually thinking of using washers like in this: http://www.mailleartisans.org/gallery/gallerydisplay.php?key=7057 except I'd be using 40 mm zinc-plated washers with 6 mm holes. I'm not yet certain whether I'd want to sew them into some kind of garment a bit like this: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1c_GYvKuSBuNjy1Xcq6AYjFXaR.jpg or connect them to each other with steel wire, similar to the project I linked above. I'm interested in any shortcuts I could take; I don't want to spend months fashioning this thing!