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    Saw Blades vs Stainless Steel

    Yeah, I primarily make bracelets. Made a few earrings and necklaces in the past. Used to use copper wire I would buy from Michael's craft store then spin myself and cut, but it petinas too much. So now I want to use stainless. I ended up using a diamond dremel wheel. A bit sloppy, but it does stuff. Diamond dremel wheel was the thinnest I could find
  2. gourrythecrazy

    Saw Blades vs Stainless Steel

    Hello all. I am currently trying to use my jeweler's saw to cut some 19ga stainless steel wire. Unfortunately, every saw blade I have thrown against it has gone dull (or just plain is not cutting whatsoever). I'm using all sorts of saw blade sizes,1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 1, and 2, but none of them are working. spent over an hour constantly changing saw blades but i haven't produced a single ring from my efforts. Is there a certain type of saw blade you recommend? Am I using the wrong sizes? Is this a pointless endeavor? PS: I have used the jeweler's saw in the past with much success on copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel