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  1. Awesome!! Thank you again so much!!
  2. That does sound like a lovely idea!! However, I'm a bit worried about what spraying chemicals over the scales would do to the fabric keeping the scales together underneath, is there anything a bit less pungent/abrasive that I could try to preserve the fabric too? Edit: I only ask since I'm afraid those methods may stain or degrade the material
  3. I'm pretty new to this whole community but I might as well give it a go! I recently discovered the ringlord and fell in love with their materials, as of right now I'm using the scales in my knitting to make myself a lovely dragon-like shawl for an event coming up. I'm thrilled with the quality and just about everything about it! However, I have noticed that over time the scales get a bit cloudy and seem to weather themselves overtime just by rubbing against one another. I've been using a Clorox wet wipe to sort of buff out and shine them as well as get rid of any existing oil or grime that I might find from the factory work but I was wondering if any of you had tips to maintain that lovely shine over time? I'd rather not have to wipe down my shawl every time I wish to wear it out and about. Thank you for reading and if you are interested! Here's a progress picture I pulled from a knitting discord server I've been posting in! So close to finishing it :D https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/190936892374646784/576233768721973252/image0.jpg