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  1. Tomkarlsson

    Dragonscale with spring tempered stainless steel

    @Bladeturner Thank you! It is the first piece I ever made. Turned out great, but might have been smart to start of with something smaller 😊 The ring sizes are 16g SWG 3/8" and 16g SWG 1/4".
  2. Found the design for this on theringlord.coms facebook. The design is credited to Amelyna.olga on instagram in the Facebook post.
  3. Tomkarlsson

    Persian set with swarovski crystal pendant

    Thank you! I am really happy with the result! Tried a few different colours, but the light pink really made it pop
  4. Tomkarlsson

    Persian set with swarovski crystal pendant

    The pendant design is from Mels11 on etsy.com