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    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    Thanks, TitaniumMithril. I appreciate the contribution (made me double-check what I was doing ) Yes, I noticed the difference (and noted it for my order). I've been playing around with different sizes of leftover rings (all TRL stash). I've made notes from different online tutorials that recommend using two different gauges for these sizes but that hasn't been working for me so I simply size them up as I go (making sure the smaller fits inside the larger et al). Interestingly... I'm currently working on a combo of 18g 3/16 AA silver and 20g AA black matte... perfect outcome (no slippage and nicely flexible). Go figure. I also found some 20g SS 3/16 and 20g 1/8 blk so will try this next (before stocking up). I really like this size of bracelet and finding the right combos has been 'mostly' fun.
  2. zgreen

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    Thx for the info, K'Z'K. I wouldn't have thunk the same sizes in AA would suit SS (3/16 and 1/8) but will make that one of my test combinations. I like the flexibility of my AA bracelet but not the way the small rings wander around... maybe that will be different in SS..? (I've also taken to measuring my pre-TRL rings, learning that not all measurements are the same )
  3. zgreen

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    I'm wanting to make a bracelet (not too large). The only time I've tried this weave was with AA 18g 3/16 and 20g 1/8 and while I like the flexibility of it, the smaller rings keep popping out of the ends. I also liked the overall size of it (not too big). I like the weight of stainless steel so am brainstorming what smaller sizes to add to my next order (yes, math is a thought process for me). I like working in micromaille but have mostly used bronze/brass/copper for this, not SS, but I still haven't come up with a suitable combination of ARs for a nice, small, flexible dragonscale bracelet. Then again, I usually take the more complicated approach to things and often overlook the obvious. I'm not silly enough to do dragonscale in micromaille... just smaller than average. Does this help?
  4. zgreen

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    I hesitate to ask, but I'm having a mental block (aka, too old for math).... I'm looking for the quintessential combo for stainless steel Dragonscale (I see a difference from AA). Would someone be willing to share their best combos? (I don't have a supply of small SS rings so would like to get the order right the first time) Thanks in advance for any input