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  1. craftierx1

    Chaplet Bands or female head peice

    To the Dreamcatcher Lady. Did you make the chain that come off of the crown piece and the ones that drape and if not where did you get the chain, I have been wanting to make one of these for a while now. Thanks for all you help! Craftierx1
  2. craftierx1

    Mushu dragon :)

    Love this dragon, would be interested in learning how to you the scale at the head!
  3. craftierx1

    Dragon Slave

    Love your dragon handflower. Did you create a tutorial for this or do you know where I can get a tutorial for one? Other than the one at TRL?
  4. craftierx1

    Tiny Scale Earring Tutorial

    I clicked on the links and there is no free tutorial for scale maille earrings. Guess I missed out. Thanks
  5. craftierx1


    These are very nice, is there a tutorial somewhere to learn how to do these or could you tell me what I need to do?
  6. Is there an ETA for the following yet?

    Dragon Fruit Pink SXAA16516DFP

    Turquoise SXAA16516Turq

    Also the

    Dragon Fruit Pink - SXAA18316DFP

    Dragon Fruit Pink - SXAA18532DFP

    Turquoise XSAA18532TURQ

    And will the ever do the Turquoise in the 18316???




  7. craftierx1

    extra large and large flower comparison

    Have you ever connected them to hair snaps?
  8. craftierx1


    I love this, but what do you wear under the scale, here where I live it would get way too hot against the skin? Or is this on top of a busteay??
  9. did you get the help you needed, I am just curious because I will be working on a big dragon next. I am currently trying to do the small dragon.
  10. craftierx1

    Anodized Aluminum

    I would like to know if you will be doing the Dragon Fruit Pink again, because I would like to be able to get in in 18g 3/16 and even in other sizes. I know that you did a limited run, but I also see it is selling really good! I'm interested in getting it in 18g (1.2) 7/32 this was not a size offer for this color. Thanks