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  1. Jaxadus

    How to cut rings

    I use a dremel to cut my rings, but they don't seem to be as clean as some other chainmail I've seen around the net. Is there a special tool or technique to get those kind of seemingly flawless results?
  2. What tools and/or techniques do you use to get the cleanest chainmail? In my novice experience, it feels like a tradeoff between how easily you can manipulate a rings, vs the blemishes a tool will cause. Having a heavy duty set of pliers makes moving the metal relatively easy, but inevitably leaves tool marks. Rounded jewelry pliers avoid leaving such noticeable blemishes, but they're too dainty to easily move metal. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. The pattern looks easy enough. I'm pretty sure there's three inner diameters. A medium size for the top/bottom. A large size, and the smallest size being the connectors for the larger rings. With everything being 2rings thick. Can anyone tell me exact gauges and/or diameters?
  4. Jaxadus

    Cutting smooth small rings.

    Typically I'd use a dremel tool to cut my rings, but now I'm using a much smaller gauge wire, and the dremel's cutting disk does more harm than good. Either it shoots the across the room, or it catches and puts a gash in several rings. Any suggestions? Also, dont th suggesting snips because I'm aiming for smooth edges, not the pinch that snips cause.
  5. Jaxadus

    Single sleeve scale mail

    I had previously started topic about asking about seems on a vest, but I was getting ahead of myself. I already have a sleeve I made 3-4 years ago. The exact thing I want to do is make something like a sling that will hold my sleeve on, and up, and have that be scale as well. So it will connect to the top of the sleeve near my neck, wrap across my chest, under my opposite arm, along my back, and connect back to the top of the sleeve The tricky thing is knowing or deciding what kind of seam to use or general configuration for that. I'm wanting to do it this way because I don't have enough scales for another sleeve, and definetely not for a vest, so I'm trying to use those extra scales to make my only sleeve be as cool as I can make it.
  6. Jaxadus

    How to handle seams

    I'm having trouble picturing how these pieces make a vest. If I do something like whats in this picture, there will be a seam at the top of the shoulders, here scales will be pointing in opposite directions. Thats not something I really want to be visable, so is there a weave that does away with that?
  7. Jaxadus

    How to handle seams

    Yes, I've been uaing e4-1. Are there patterns for scale mail, other than E4-1? Aside from expansions and contractions?
  8. Jaxadus

    How to handle seams

    I have an idea of how I want to do a vest seam wise, I just wanted some other opinions on how else to tackle it.