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  1. Good day everyone. I started working on a hauberk made of 16 ga, 1/4" titanium rings back in the beginning of 2018. I've made admittedly slow progress, but am probably about 16,000 rings in at this point. The problem I have is that the current batch of rings (and wire) from TRL is considerably more shiny than all of the other rings I've purchased for this project. The difference is akin to older galv. steel vs. stainless steel (though not quite that intense). The moral is they definitely wouldn't look right being on side-by-side on a piece this size. My question to the community is, "help?" Since the current stock of rings for the foreseeable future will be shiny, I need to do one of the following: Polish my existing assembled piece of armor to match the newer rings Somehow make the newer batch(es) of rings more dull to match the assembled armor A combination of the above. I sincerely appreciate any suggestions. The idea of starting all over again is depressing to say the least. Thank you!