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    Hello, I am an author. My first book - The Poop Diaries - comes out in February. It features stories from plumbers about their most memorable service calls and people they have met. I love telling stories about real people who work in areas that we are all familiar with, yet unfamiliar with at the same time. As I wait for my first book to hit store shelves, I’m thinking about my next book. I’m considering writing a book called - The Night Shift Diaries. It would feature stories from night shift workers about their most memorable evenings - whether something funny, scary, exciting, or unexpected happened. I saw your posts on here and thought I would reach out. Do you have a “greatest hits” list of stories? If so, I would love to learn more. I’m flexible with timing and all interviews are done over the phone! Appreciate any and all stories any of you want to share. Thank you! Abby