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    Newby question about chainmail suit

    Do those steels rust too easily? I do plan to apply a wax to help keep the oxidation away while I don't wear it. I live in Arkansas and the humidity is killer on some metals here.
  2. Lumba

    Newby question about chainmail suit

    I'm an idiot and can't read a ruler, my internal diameter is just a bit larger than 8mm. I will be posting pictures of what I've made so far. I am not sensitive to criticism and don't want to do this project twice so I'm willing to learn from more experienced hands. Also I've decided to do full sleeves down to my wrists but I'll cross that road when I get there.
  3. Lumba

    Newby question about chainmail suit

    Thanks Konstantin the Red! I may try full length sleeves with mittens that I can pull my hands out of and I think I'll just have the suit go up my neck with a close-able slit so I can use an optional coif. I'll try posting update pictures as I make it in the months to come.
  4. Lumba


    I love the way your shirt looks with the mantel integrating into the sleeves and shirt seamlessly. how did you do the armpits and are there any complications to a hauberk like this?
  5. Hello! I am relatively new to making chainmail and I've been making a rectangles for a shirt on and off for the past few months. After looking at a few effigies I noticed that the grain of the sleeves on a few examples ran in the same direction as the rest of the shirt. I want to achieve a similar look so my question is this, using a mantle construction and contractions for my upper torso up to my neck could I join that seamlessly to the sleeves? Are there any pros/cons to this method? I do plan to larp in this so I want to make sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot my end goal is a hauberk with tapered wrist length sleeves and knee length skirt. I've been working wit 16ga steel wire with an inner diameter of 5mm.