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  1. Hello, for future projects, I'll have to combine the (non-brushed!) coloured anodized aluminium scales with uncoloured, silver ones. So far, I have tried the "Clear Anodized Brushed Aluminum SCALE-SM-AAClear" and "Clear Anodized Mirror Aluminum SCALE-SM-AAMIRROR", but neither really fits the look of the unbrushed coloured aluminium scales. Since I am ordering from overseas, I'd like to prevent any further expensive experiments. Does anybody have any experience which scales would go together well? Perhaps the "Small Brushed Aluminum SCALE-SM-Brush" or the "Frost SCALE-SM-AAFrost"? Any help is much appreciated.
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    Aluminum - Bright

    Hello, when will the Bright Anodized Aluminium Small Scales in Blue Z-SCSM-TBA-RB be available again? And can you also laser engrave them? Thanks