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  1. Brighton

    Glow in the dark inlay

    And the completed 52X52 inlay. When I use a UV light to charge these rings I get a good 8 hours of glow out of them!
  2. Brighton

    Glow in the dark inlay

    I have long been interested in glow in the dark things. I have also been interested in Chainmail for years. Today I decided to combine those things with my 2nd inlay I have ever done. Stats: 16 SWG 1/4" ID rings glow in the dark rings and black rings. 892 Black and 1812 glow in the dark for a total of 2704 rings for a 52X52 inlay. I plan to continue to build onto this with black rings to make a shirt.
  3. Brighton

    Chainmail Ties

    I just finished making my boys some Euro 4-1 ties! AA 16AWG 5/16" ~500 rings
  4. Brighton


    I use plastic organizers. I have probably 30 that I have collected over the years to hold my supplies. My favorite ones I got from home depot like this one made by DEWALT...
  5. Brighton

    Picking Up where I left off

    Hello It has been several years since I have been on here, and I am starting my mailing again. I hope to get inspiration from you all. I forgot how sore my hands used to get from working with the 16AWG stainless, but it is worth it!
  6. Brighton

    Silver Hair Clip for Christmas

    So Christmas is here again and I decided to put down the school books long enough to make a plumera flower hair clip out of TRL's silver and clear small scales. What do you all think?
  7. Brighton

    My first attempt at a scale flower

    I bought the clips from Jo-Anns, they were $3 for a dozen. The most difficult part was attaching the center flower to the clip. I dulled 2 of my good drill bits trying to get through the spring steel. I ended up using a awl to punch a hole. Thanks! I do love the color of her hair, I am very lucky to have her
  8. Brighton

    My first attempt at a scale flower

    Sorry it took so long to post these up, been working 12 hour days for a while now. This is my first hair clip made for my wife, she absolutly loves it! After making this one for my wife, I had a request from my Mom to make one for her as well. I think the second time around I was able to make it much easier, because I had a pattern to follow and an idea as how to attach it to the clip. I hope you all enjoy! Brighton
  9. Brighton

    Wanting to make a shirt.

    My first project was my shirt, I wound and cut every ring by hand using 16 AWG galvanized bailing wire I bought from lowes. My rings were wrapped around 5/16 dowel and I used about 38,500 rings to complete the shirt. I later found TRL and bought AA rings to do the cross inlay on the front. Good luck!
  10. Brighton

    Creating patterns for form fitting pieces

    Welcome, Using e 4-1 if you hang it the "right way" like some have stated before it will be form fitting and little taloring will need to happen to make it right. on my first hauberk I measured my chest and made a simple non tapered cylinder of maille to go from the armpit down. I have had dozens of people of many different shapes and sizes wear that hauberk, and it allways conforms to fit them very well. About the most difficult part for me was taloring the sholders to fit comfortably. I am very much a fan of using various types of edging techneques from e6-1 to hp 3-1 and so on. It does make the maille hold shape better and gives a nice finished look Good luck on the project, and keep us posted on the progress! Brighton
  11. Brighton

    My first attempt at a scale flower

    The scales on the flowers are held together with 20GA 3/32" EC saw cut rings from TRL. Without the bead in the center they are a little floppy and do not hold shape very well. I used 22AWG and 24AWG wire (depending on what I had for each color) to wrap the bead into the center. I can post detailed pictures of how I hooked the scales together if anyone is interested. I have found you can make these flowers with a minimum of ~10 scales and have made up to 18 scale flowers, but I am sure that you could use even more than 18 if you wanted a very large flower.
  12. Brighton

    My first attempt at a scale flower

    In the center is a large bead and I used 22 AWG and 24AWG wire to wrap and connect it. Here is the purple flower and the purple with green. I still need to find a hair barette to attach them to, does anyone have an idea where I could find some?
  13. I have since made purple, pink, and a purple with green leaves behind it. Happy mothers day to all those mothers out there!
  14. Brighton

    My first several projects

    Looking good! Cool idea on the CO2 tank for paintball, you say it doesn't slip? I guess those EPDM rings probably help grip the tank, otherwise you would have a heck of a time swapping out a tank in a hurry during a game.
  15. Brighton

    looking for a thread - scale flower tutorial

    The tutorial's for the flowers if I rember right were posted between 1- 1.5 years ago, they seem to be older than what I can veiw. As for the new posts when you are browsing the topics scroll to the bottom of the list, and you can select "filter options" in the blue highlited area. then you can select to filter posts since the last time you visited.