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    Wrapped tags questions

    One more comment so I can turn on the 'notify me of replies' feature...
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    Wrapped tags questions

    anyone? I can't be the only one who has had this problem... Please and thank you.
  3. AJP

    Wrapped tags questions

    Hello! I am attempting to make some wrapped tags. Using TRL's project page on the topic, I have acquired their 19g 3/16 rings in a variety of AA colors. I am using 1 and 1.5" rounds, etched but originally purchased from TRL. I have watched their video on how to do 3/4 Persian. A while back, before getting colors, I had tried a length of this in AA silver. It's nice and flexible, and the rounds settle into the groove nicely. It's not long enough to go all the way around, but gives a sense of things. Today, I tried this all with purple rings. It's much more stiff (and first thing I did was confirm that I did the weaving correctly), and the rounds will NOT settle into the groove. It might settle in for the width of about 3 units, but no more. I have bought a lot of materials with specific projects in mind, and purple is one of the colors I really need to work (along with red, green, yellow, and a rainbow). Is there really that much difference in the anodizing that I'd lose the flexibility? Will it work better if I alternate a color with silver or black etc? I am getting really frustrated on this, and am hoping there is a simple solution to making this work. Otherwise, I've spent a lot of money with no hope of ROI. Anyone? TIA, Amy/AJP