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  1. sir_osis


    What sizes did you use for your ds? This is the exact effect I'm trying to achieve
  2. sir_osis

    Flex coupler

    Anyone know of a supplier for flex couplers for ringinator other than ringinator.com
  3. sir_osis

    Springback question

    Yeah I realised I forgot to mention 16g 5356 alloy. I'm using a 1/4" mandrel on the stuff and it's barely noticeable springback
  4. sir_osis

    Springback question

    Check your math there duder
  5. sir_osis

    Springback question

    To get 1/4" Id bright aluminum rings. What size mandrel should I be looking at? I know a 1/4" mandrel is gonna give me larger rings...Probably in the 5/16 - 3/8 range. Is 3/16 too small?
  6. order# 321884: Now the remix!??????

  7. sir_osis

    wire supplier

    Ouf. ..200lbs is more than I'm gonna use in a lifetime lol.
  8. sir_osis

    wire supplier

    just curious who others use for wire suppliers aside from TRL. specifically the 5356 alloy aluminum. my options in town are praxxair for 16g and air liquide for smaller stuff (welding suppliers) but there's likely a decent mark up. wondering what's out there for bulk suppliers...say 5 lb spools
  9. sir_osis

    ring cutter motors

    ok....how bout this. I can fairly easily get my hands on a large DC motor from a modern furnace, but it'll just be the motor, the speed controlling components will be lost with the rest of the furnace. how difficult is it to rig a rheostat (throttle) for the motor?
  10. sir_osis

    motor size

    I-m building a ring cutter (think ringinator style) and i'm wondering if my 1/8hp dc motor will work. It has a foot pedal throttle of sorts so itd be awesome if it would
  11. sir_osis

    ring cutter motors

    So i'm gonna build anring cutter...ringinator style but i'm not sure how big a motor to use. I have a 1/8 dc that has a foot pedal for controlling the speed...but i'm wary about cooking it. All i'll be cutting is aluminum and copper. Thoughts?
  12. sir_osis

    Need some "macho" pliers

    I use 9" linesmans to do 12g stainless. My only complaint is that they have no spring so they dont open automatically
  13. sir_osis

    suggestions for the Visually Impaired

    what specifically is your problem, i've experimented with several options as my vision falters due to fatigue.
  14. stainless steel, titanium, niobium. you want strong, those are your best choices
  15. sir_osis

    Finger calluses

    fingerless mechanic's gloves