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  1. TrinaK

    UPS Sucks!

    Unfortunately, and especially during the holdiays, it can happen with any of the totally overloaded shippers. This December, I ordered a smaller package from TRL, it was shipped Priority USPS, and I couldn't figure out what happened. The tracking said the package was out for delivery, but I didn't get anything. Two days later, some cute, young good samaritan dropped my heavily damaged package at my front door. He had found it in the middle of the street about 4 blocks away. Totally glad for the help from him, and I understand that all of the shippers are busy at that time, but you think Mr. Mailman could at least have kept my package on his truck until he got it to my door! Having said all of that, I much prefer USPS Priority over UPS.... Trina
  2. TrinaK

    Three ring sizes for Trizantine

    I'm pretty sure that I remember Spider (www.spiderchain.com) recommending three sizes for Tryzantine on her site -- check the recommended sizes link from the home page (sorry, I can't get there at work). That should at least tell you which size goes where in a relative sense. Hope that helps. Trina
  3. TrinaK

    Favorite tea vendor

    I have two favorites, both local, but both with online shops. My absolute favorite is Pacific Mist Tea -- She specializes in small batch, organically and fair trade grown tea; black, green and herbal (I've never had anything like the peppermint tea she sells!). She doesn't have a huge selection of different varieties, though, more the quality offering rather than the quantity of offerings. My other favorite is Tiger Mountain Tea Company who used to have a fabulous little tea shop close to my house, but had to close his store front. Last I checked, though, he was still doing online ordering. Great teas, and almost anything you could want in terms of flavor or variety. Both of these vendors sell loose teas, and sell very little bagged tea if any. HTH, Trina
  4. TrinaK

    Earring Packing

    I use printed earring cards that are business card sized (but two of them folded in half to make a tent -- the cards connected along a short edge), that I punch holes in myself. Most of the time people are okay with my just sliding the card in a 4" by 3" baggie and handing the package to them, sometimes I will put them in teeny tiny boxes instead. To display the earrings, I hang the cards on shutters. It works great!
  5. TrinaK

    Uses for BIG Lobster-Claw Clasps

    I've used them on the rings of key chains as a way to *hopefully* not lose my keys so often. The idea being if I have one of those giant clasps, I'll hook my keys to my belt loop or my bag or something else. You might use them for that? Good luck.
  6. TrinaK

    what a mess

    I also use the CraftMates Containers and absolutely love them. The only problem comes when you drop them sideways and they land right **on** the lock, causing 4 continers to pop open and spill the contents. Ruh-Roh!!! Oh, well, it's only happened once.
  7. TrinaK

    Honey Bee pendant

    That is fantastic! Is there a tutorial in our future (and I think that is the first time I have ever been moved to ask!).
  8. TrinaK

    Latest Picture

    Skedros, it looks great. If you have any particular DMC colors you know you need more of, let me know. I used to do cross stitch and such, and I may have some lying around that I could send your way. Trina
  9. TrinaK


    I love my CraftMates containers. They hold small rings really well and each individual container locks. I've even dropped them on the floor without having a single ring escape. I get them 6 at a time in a carrying case from Joann.com, although I think Blue Buddha carries them as well.
  10. TrinaK

    Packing/Shipping times

    Bernice, when you get close on that teleportation device, let me know. I want to be on the testing panel. Me, and probably your whole customer list.
  11. TrinaK

    19ga 1/8" enameled copper

    I think some of the problem may be that different colors are slightly different wire sizes in the EC. (Now I wish I owned a caliper to check). I know when I make Celtic Stars from the 20 ga, some colors are just right and some are ridiculously tight, and within a color (for any particuar batch, at least) the results are pretty consistent. That may also explain why they can't just change the info on the website, too. Maybe it is some sort of a "dye-lot" function that changes bacth to batch. This is all just speculation, but is based on lots of earrings made from lots of different colors of EC.
  12. TrinaK

    I've searched but haven't found the size....

    I use 19 ga 7/32" rings for small ones (with 6 rings in the knot) and 16 ga 5/16" (with 5 or 6 rings in the knot, I can't remember before coffee). I use rings from The Ring Lord. Check out my etsy site for lots of examples, if you like.
  13. TrinaK

    Seattle Area Maille & Movie Night

    I'd be interested. It sounds like a blast to meet everyone! Good luck getting this one off the ground.
  14. TrinaK

    Help with Japanese 5-1 Ball

    The japanese balls I do have rings doubled and tripled, so I use 20g 5/32 for earrings and 18g 7/32 for pendants (sometimes 19g 3/16). I look for an AR between 4.8 (really tight) and 5.4, with something in the middle being ideal.
  15. TrinaK

    Watch band

    Here is a pic of my watch. It isn't the best quality, I took the picture at work with my colleague's cell phone. Trina