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  1. bjorn

    Other types of armor

    What weight leather do most people use for different projects. One example is workable leather armor for the SCA or another fighting group. The other one is leather cuffs or collars. Just trying to suss out where to branch off next
  2. bjorn

    Growler wrap!

    Pretty damned awesome!!
  3. bjorn

    Types of Material

    so I've never heard of that one metal you mentioned... Tantalum? How's that to work with I do heartily agree with the hating of aluminum....
  4. bjorn

    Armor Stands

    I'll have to try the sections thing Totally agree with short to get them out of the way Still awesome work dude!
  5. bjorn

    What's everyone doing?

    Well found my new obsession! Thanks Rob!
  6. bjorn

    Types of Material

    So I've been trying to figure out the best way to move forward as soon as I can sit still and think without something blowing up around me. What is the preferred type of material for jewelry versus armor. I know much of it is subjective and I'm not looking for the be all end all answer here (hint it's 42)... Rather just a discussion of different successes or failures everyone's had over the years months or in robs case millennium. And please add any differences in different weaves like I used galvanized wire, picture hanging wire from Home Despot, because it was cheap and easy to lay my hands on. But as with every other piece of galvanized wire it's developing the lovely oxidation powder. SO won't be doing that for any things I'm actually going to be giving away and/or selling or making for others but it is a cheap and easily procured material to practice with. So lay on all you weavers of metal craft! Please I'm dying for human contact other then the dregs of society who I lovingly call my co-workers.
  7. bjorn

    Armor Stands

    Those are pretty slick! Any reason you made them so short? I've been trying to figure a better way to work on a shirt but other than dress makers dummy I haven't been able to come up with any ideas.
  8. bjorn

    What's everyone doing?

    Just trying to stay essential at the moment. Been traveling for work all across the states for work. Kind of hard to cut rings in a hotel room. Mainly been trying to work on my control for closing and opening rings so I can up my speed. I do want to try my hand at leather working and plate armor making buuuuuut that'll have to wait till I can stay still for a while. Or when I retire like rob.
  9. bjorn

    Coif collar

    I've seen the flour explosion on a larger scale before and man... That sight sticks with you. Not something you expect to happen but when it does it'll knock your socks off.
  10. bjorn

    New to this looking for pointers

    Since I started this foray I started looking into the plate as well and now it's on to youtube to figure out how to build my own trip hammer. I wonder if a press or trip hammer in general would bee better for rings? Larger surface area... harder smack? I dunno just idly wondering. I'll probably just make myself a die so my hammer doesn't go flying across the shop in frustration.
  11. bjorn

    New to this looking for pointers

    Huh drilling hammer.. Any old hardware store will carry it?
  12. bjorn

    New to this looking for pointers

    Distinctive isnt always a bad thing though. Maybe the problem is my hammer choice then cause my hammer definitely isn't four pounds. I'm using rebar tie wire which is pretty darned squashy to quote someone
  13. bjorn

    New to this looking for pointers

    I hear you on the nights. They're the best for doing pretty much everything but work especially if it's quiet. I did pick up a riveters anvil from somewhere it's pretty teeny maybe I'll give that a go. Main thing I seem to run in to is the rings keep slipping off each other and not flattening. This is probably due to my heat treat or so I've read. That's why I figured that the tongs would give me a better surface to strike on or at very least a way to get the darn things to stop running away!! I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS AND HIT YOU WITH MY HAMMER DAMMIT!! Why can't they understand..... In other news I've reached insanity but never fear we are old friends.
  14. bjorn

    New to this looking for pointers

    Long shots seem to be your specialty huh lorenzo? This is an amazing amount of knowledge thank you.
  15. bjorn

    New to this looking for pointers

    Probably a stretch but does anyone have a reference for the type of things used? Still have to work on my annealing process but nice to know the 50/1 ratio I've gotten trying to hammer flatten rings isn't going to be forever