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    Leather edged, fabric lined chainmail shirt

    here are some pictures of it.
  2. Suganuma

    Leather edged, fabric lined chainmail shirt

    Dreaded hair gets caught in it pretty sick. Trying to keep my hair. Gambeson is hot. Maybe a linen one would be more cool? What I have is pretty hot. Its texas, even the rain is hot. Lol
  3. Suganuma

    Leather edged, fabric lined chainmail shirt

    Sorry I havent posted pics yet. I promise I'll get to it. I still havent decided if I'm going to split it or not, after hearing yalls input, but I'll likely chop the arms down to about elbow length. I'm not sure if I remember if it has a split at the neck or not for lacing, but this brings up a different idea. Potentially the forarms/wrist could be laced to hold tighter? I'll try to remember to get some pictures tonight. On a side note, isnt j4-1 done with oval links? Like you put on fish hooks with?
  4. Suganuma

    Leather edged, fabric lined chainmail shirt

    So, not completely a waste of time? I just really hate taking that thing over my head every on and off, and figure itd be more comfortable with a thin lining and edge of leather.
  5. Suganuma

    Leather edged, fabric lined chainmail shirt

    Thanks for the info! It is indian made, and does not have an elbow pocket. 😕 I'm using it currently as armor for Amtgard/Dagorhir. But I may use it for some steel reenactment fighting later on if it lasts through dagorhir hits. I'm glad to hear the linen should breathe well, down here in Texas it's very hot this time of year. I was trying to avoid wearing much under it, but didnt want the steel directly against my skin if avoidable some other way.(ouch. Pulled belly/chest/etc. hairs.) That was also my thought on the buckles for the front, to avoid it grabbing at my hair putting it on and off. I guess just use a shirt or something to cap my head would be smarter? About the collar, would it be best done in full expansion of the rings, or compressed to a more fitting neckline to allow flex to it? I'll post some pictures of it when I get home.
  6. I recently acquired a riveted chainmail shirt. I want to alter it to fit a bit tighter on the arms and be able to put it on/tank it off without doing the "shimmy". My idea, albeit completely non traditional, is to: A- split it in the front, B- line it with a linen vest, C- edge the whole thing in leather D- fasten 6 buckles in the front E- taper the sleeves from elbow to wrist. Not necessarily in that order. My questions are: if anyone has ever lined a chainmail shirt, what did they think of it, did it last, and do you have any tips/tricks? And: if anyone has altered a chain shirt to buckle instead of pulling over, what did you think of it, did it last, and do you have any tips and tricks? I'm a complete novice with chainmail. But I like to tinker so I think I can figure out how to re-peen some little rivets on the rings where I split them. However, I've never tried to fasten any metal(aside from buckles to a strap) to leather or cloth. Y'all are the experts, where am I going wrong before I ruin my newest toy? Thanks in advance!