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  1. Damnation Angel

    Guide on Tumbling

    me personally? I tumble with mixed shape steel shot from Rio Grande, water and blue dawn. mostly, I work with silver, and I haven't had any problems. I don't have much deburring to deal with, I cut my own rings, and use care when cutting. when I do hard materials, like titanium, I just throw the finished pieces in the tumbler with loose rings. running Ti with stainless shot does a GREAT job of shining up the shot lol
  2. Damnation Angel

    Rings cutting

    I just use a vice, with jaw covers( you can get those at lowes) I'd recomend Rio Grande for blades, the lazer gold's are pretty good.
  3. Damnation Angel

    20ga. 5/64 and dragon question

    I can't say anything about the dragon thing, but I've made E4-1 with 20764 silver, and it looks pretty nice
  4. Damnation Angel

    mesh European 4in1

    are you sure about those sizes? I've got a 22 gauge 3/32(2.38mm) bracelet 7 1/4 inches and its got over 800 rings
  5. Damnation Angel

    Aloha...again! ;)

    *waving* welcome back Shiz
  6. Damnation Angel

    Dragonscale Questions

    @ Shiz I've got a bracelet here, and at 3 rows wide(alternating with 2 of course) it's just a smidge over 3/4 inch. way my brains wired, if someone gives me a size, I just toss out the answer closest without going over. I meausured off an inch just now and got 8 rows of each for 40 and 40, not sure why we're getting a different measure there. mine's layed out flat, fully stretched madewith saw cut hard temper argentium if thats any help
  7. Damnation Angel

    Dragonscale Questions

    3 large/2small and 40 of each per inch
  8. Damnation Angel

    wrapping cabochons

    I've wrapped them in HP3-1 and 4-1, and I personally wouldnt trust them not to pop out without some kind of adhesive
  9. Damnation Angel

    Forgot Why I was making a particular project

    what usually happens with me is, I'll make a test patch of something, just to see how it looks. Then it sits around growing dust and/or tarnish for awhile, then someone I know see's it and says" ooooh I gotta have, that'll make a PERFECT (fill in the blank). lol
  10. Damnation Angel

    Pliers that help with hand fatigue?

    @judy with pliers, I just kept buying till I found the ones I like. I have about 30-40 different kinds, most of them packed away in the garage. I use my Xurons for 90% of my jewelry work, then for thos pain in the neck rings, I've got 1 pair of Xuron tweezer nose, and 1 pair of bent chain nose. I have a sneaky feeling I'll wind up buying more tho lol
  11. Damnation Angel

    Maille naval mines for an aquarium - Toxic/heavymetals

    Titanium.mmmmmmmmm titanium good! seriously, I'm pretty sure it's safe for your fishies, it's nice and light, pretty much it isnt gonna corrode, and it's got a +5 cool factor
  12. Damnation Angel

    Cleaning Rings

    for just cleaning the cutting lube, I usually just toss the loose rings in a jar, add water and dawn, shake for about 30 seconds and rinse. it doesnt shine them up like tumbling, but it gets rid of the crud
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  14. Damnation Angel

    tumblers and media

    I used mixed shot from rio grande( whole bunch of different shapes) for deburring and polishing at the same time. I've seen the arguing back and forth here about wether or not non abrassive media can actually deburr anything, with very knowledgeable people on both sides of the fence. my PERSONAL opinion is as follows. #1 I cut my own rings, and I'm careful. I use much finer blades than I need to, and I dont wait til they break, they start getting dull, I change blades. soooo, any burr's I wind up with are pretty small. #2 wanna know if stainless shot is deburring your stuff? clean out your barrel, and tumble your rings, or finished pieces, whichever way you prefer. after you're done, look in the bottom of your barrel. see those little shiny things winking at you? those are the little tiny burrs that got knocked off. I've heard the arguement that thats not "true" deburring, and its no good for heavy burrsbut by my way of thinking, if you are leaving burrs too large to be cleaned up with steel shot and blue dawn, maybe you need to revamp your cutting method? I dont know, I havent finished my coffee yet.
  15. Damnation Angel

    Selling pieces on Etsy

    a few people have covered the different kinds of "buyers" out there. some are just gonna buy the cheapest thing they can. not a put down on them, its just what they think is the best deal. I sell a LOT of wallet chains. mostly to bikers. when someone asks me about the difference in price between what I sell, and the one they saw at the local bike shop, I put it in terms they can relate to. " how much ya got in your (insert specific model of Harley here)? you can get a (insert specific model of import cruiser here) for a few thousand less". usually that gets the point across, but if not, I point out that nickel plated brass is gonna lose the nickel coating, and breaks a lot easier than stainless steel