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    Making and selling chain for 18 years
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    1986-Chain Jewelry
  1. Just popped in to send potential customers your way! :o)

  2. kodiaknamaste

    Dragonscale in 22ga

    For 22awg, I use 3.7mm ID large(26rod), and 2.25mm ID small(43rod) rings.....really sweet fit, lays well, flexible and never worry about "pop-out" rings.... Kodiak-
  3. kodiaknamaste

    Starting a business

    Start with the resources that are geared to you, specifically, go here, Small Business Assoc., there are offices locally in your state, they have packett's, with tons of info, and options, and places to go for more help, grants and free legal advice. Kodiak-
  4. kodiaknamaste

    Inverted Round

    My version... A variable of this for any 3 ring weave. Kodiak-
  5. kodiaknamaste

    Book or DVD for starters?

    Don't know if you've checked MAIL, Maille Artisans International League, the largest online database, something like 867 weaves now, huge printable help and tutorials section, over 500 articles, and another great forum to ask questions, http://www.mailleartisans.org/ it's all free! Kodiak-
  6. kodiaknamaste


    California is 800+ miles north to south...I'm up here just north of Mt Shasta....you're a 14 hr drive there Gaanon, traveling time really is the biggest snag in having any gathering. Kodiak-
  7. kodiaknamaste

    Feather addiction

    I like 'em, very interesting bird and feathers...I also have to compliment your wraps at the top of the feathers, nice and tight, consistant...I know how difficult those can be to do freehand. Kodiak-
  8. kodiaknamaste

    Heat Treating Stainless Steel

    Every once in a while I tout the very cool online quantinary www.sizes.com every materials person needs to bookmark this site, also, doing a bit of creative seach lines/terms helps, try different short phrases, like "colors of heated metals", seriously, google it, and you'll get a pretty nice selection of pertinent forum threads as well as other interesting stuff. http://sizes.com/materls/colors_of_heated_metals.htm this one deals with iron mainly, so might be just a reference to use, maybe not so useful. http://www.lockpicking101.com/viewtopic.php?t=30757 this has related discussion about stainless. Google metalurgy also, physics, fascinating stuff. Kodiak-
  9. kodiaknamaste

    ??'s about large AR's

    That's a little large for most basic weaves that I can think of, but if you have material to make some rings to go with, rings to fit inside, you could do E4-1 Kingsmaille....that's doubled rings, looks sweet if the sizes are right. Kodiak-
  10. kodiaknamaste

    Solid vs. Filled Gold

    IMO, there's a prolem with the color of white gold filled, vs white kgold. It's impossible to get a decently brilliant WGF, just the way the product is. With karat gold, they use paladium and other alloys to make it pop.....there just isn't a call for a nicer grade of WGF. Rose GF is a nice material. Kodiak-
  11. kodiaknamaste

    TUCSON GEM SHOW--Jan 31st-Feb 14th, 2009

    Next year...I just cant justify the trip like I used to be able to. I'm a bit more fixed, location wise....I used to spend 2-3 months between Quartzite, Tucson, and then rockhounding NM and AZ. You know, the Denver Show has become about as large as Tucson used to be, like in 2000....it's really getting to be a big international show, with venues, more each year, all over town. Dates are usually 2 weeks around the first weekend in Sept.....I usually camp up around Nederland, and camp in the Merch parking lot when I'm staying in town...(RV camping). Kodiak-
  12. kodiaknamaste

    Graduated roundmaille

    Very nice nice nice....great work on getting the right ID combos/AR's...I think it'd be a fantastic, really odd choker, and the way RM feels when you've got the right ring ID's....people are always fascinated by the feel of it. They usually assume it's braided or some kind of Viking Knit, then look at you like, what is this, it feels soooo flexable, slinky snaky. Kodiak-
  13. kodiaknamaste

    The best ring cutter?

    I see objectivity has died....$500 flexshafts, $25 blades, Jumpringers are crap? Care to elaborate, or maybe this isn't the place to come for an informed, intelligent discussion anymore. I know it's hard to be objective if you've got a dog in the fight, but lets get real.... If you hate Jumpringers Lorenzo, you might tell us why....I've used them, Grossman's, (there is a difference in quality), for 15+ years, 1/4 ton+ of wire, turned out quality rings.... Having said that, I'll do what I'm asking others to do, and be objective by explaining, I work exclusively in the soft non-ferrous metals, kGold, silver, GF, copper, a few brasses and nickel silver(German Silver). I DON'T cut stainless, galvy or much aluminum(clogs HSS blades) with this unit. I love my Jumpringer, and couldn't imagine my world without it.(and about half my world is made of chain, the other half being rocks/gems/minerals/fossils) For cutting ferrous metals, steel, stainless, Ti and aluminum I have a drill press set-up, that's not as good as Martin's....close, but not as nicely designed. So here I give deserved kudos to the Ringinator, and if I was to start doing more in the tougher metals at some point, it'd be at the top of my wish list. Now, I'm not saying subjective opinion isn't valuable, but for a discussion on recommendations for ring/coil cutters, both objective and subjective points should be made, to allow a person to make the best decision, taking into account the type and size of the material/work they'll be doing. Kodiak-
  14. kodiaknamaste

    TUCSON GEM SHOW--Jan 31st-Feb 14th, 2009

    The Tucson Show is a must see, at least once in a lifetime...all the big, bad intn'l stuff....Brazillian amethyst nodules you could hide in and, well just the best mineral show in the world. Last year was the first I didn't make it down since I started going to it, '79 or so....not as fun now that they moved Congress St out to Electric Park, but, it's still the biggest and best....it'd be hard to see it all if you ran at a good jog past them for a week. Quartzite was the one, back in the day, but even they've kind of messed things up, had to put in that I-10 exchange, and forced Clouds to move up to Laughlin....used to be all the old school rockhounds, get the good trades....Congress St and Quartzite, ahhh yep. They've gotta make everything "better", shame, but fun still and completely one of a kind. Used to do Quartzite thru Dec into Jan, hit Tucson early, camp up Tanqe Verde, then come down, do the show for a week. Used to be about 50 of us rockhounds, free drycamping at Congress St, kind of a once a year little town where you knew everyone, trade around gems and specimens that would make you drool....then usually do the Tanqe Verde Flee Market for about a month, still the biggest and best in the west....danm I'm feeling old., eh, not really, shiny rocks keep you young. I'll be back down next year, give a shout out. I know a quite a few others in the area, know these forums but don't post much. Kodiak-
  15. kodiaknamaste

    Gold fill

    It's an alloy thing. Take a look at what your asking, and what you're working with....rose gold, and how did they get the red color? It's a matter of bringing out the copper a bit in the fabricating process, when founding and casting the alloy.....So, is it any mystery that they would use a red color-based brass? Hmmmm? Kodiak-