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    Hiking, boating, arts, photography, metalworks,cars, my son
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    i'm odd. (?)
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    MMORPGS, maille/renn clothing, reading, singing, the usual art nut stuff.
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  1. Smydgen

    Jens Pind linkage

    for others who might be browsing the forum looking for aide with similar questions then resources are to be shared ^.^
  2. Smydgen

    Jens Pind linkage

    This website has very clear and concise tutorials. http://cgmaille.com/tutorials/jpl.shtml
  3. Smydgen

    Jumping back into things

    Thank you!
  4. Smydgen


    shaggy loops Sterling silver 19g 3/16 i believe its been a while
  5. Smydgen


    Helm chain. I am guesstimating on the sizes of the rings. its been a while Brass 20g 3/16 BA 18g 1/4

    © thirdwish designs

  6. Smydgen

    Post your workspace!

    structural chainmail sculptor, i am also green now. My little "bag of tricks" doesn't look so fancy now. I guess i'll just have to take over my finance's office ^_^
  7. Smydgen

    Selling my jewelry business

    DO you have anything left? I am starting up again after a 3 year hiatus. PM me whenyou have a momment
  8. Smydgen

    Member of a guild?

    or any other rpg game (generally mmo)?
  9. Smydgen


    I beleive this is a weave called rossette, but open. I could be wrong though. The beads are hematite. Sterling 20g 3/16 and Sterling 18g 1/4
  10. Smydgen

    Jumping back into things

    to be honest the rings are labeled as BA 18g 1/4 and brass 20g 5/32 but im not 100% sure thats correct, its been a while since ive labeled everything
  11. Smydgen

    Jumping back into things

    I had to afix it separately. the helm chain holds its shape nicely though when you curl it around something.
  12. Smydgen

    Jumping back into things

    Its been a while since I've had time enough to pick up my pliers and actually create something, looks like a lot of changes to this site have been made since my last active visit. Here's my homecoming pieces as i'll call them...plain brass and bright aluminum. I'll be making a sterling version shortly. (once my order arrives ) .
  13. Smydgen

    Sterling Silver Byzantine Cubed Necklace

    beautiful---more then enough to bring me out of my lurking state!
  14. Smydgen

    OMFG... anyone near Ft. Myers, FL???

    Usually when you explain the situation to people up front they understand. I say go for the interview and make it clear that it will take some time for the arrangements to be made... i dunno