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    Any chess players here?

    I played 2 games with my 12 year old brother the other day, and after seeing this thread, I joined chess.com as well. my nick there is shrimpwd. Look me up some time. I am so rusty, but I used to be real good. I'll try to be on a few times tomorrow.
  2. Sadly, I just found out I have work at 1pm on saturday... I'm a bit sad, but at least I will make some money. Still looking for a job around here, so money is tight. Hope to see everyone some other time.
  3. I have a ride for this sunday, and I'm trying to find rides for this friday and saturday, and next weekend. I had thought I had rides to all but friday, but it turned out differently... I'll try to update this later.
  4. I can make it to Clearwater. I am still free for the 2/16-17 weekend, and I check on here every day or 2 to see if there are any updates. I'm excited. I had a lot of fun at the first meeting. Let me know if I should bring anything for others.
  5. I'd like to go, but have no way to get there from St. Pete. If anyone in the area feels like taking me with you, I'm game. (I'm free for all of those days so far.)