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  1. Just broke another set of pliers. They were my primaries since 2000, and the other pair broke about 18 months ago. I still have spares (whew!), but I'm in the market again...

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    2. Chainmailbasket_com


      My condolences on your loss.

    3. shrimp


      To clear up my slightly inebriated explanation, not the kobalt pliers, but Knipex. And the chain nose seem a bit more likely. Now to just find the $100 for 2 pliers and shipping...

    4. bikepartjewelry


      My favorite pliers broke recently. The jaw sheared off. Luckily the manufacturer stands behind their product and sent me 2 new pairs. I'm soooo happy. Losing a good set of pliers is...sigh...difficult.

  2. I have four toolboxes full of rings, and no idea on what to make.

    1. The Postindustrialist

      The Postindustrialist

      well, perhaps a toolbox out of rings, for storing your rings. :P

      honestly though, it sucks when you run out of ideas.

  3. trying to decide if hp3/e4 combo would look good for back of shirt.