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    names jake but everyone calls me hurley, i dance.
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    dancing, snowboarding, acting, volunteer firefighter/emt
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  1. ohiarlatha

    Mona Lisa!!

    i can't see it...
  2. ohiarlatha

    Tarnishing metals tutorial

    i get a weird rash but if i wear it for more then a few hours it's red and itchy for days and my friend had a necklace i made her which formed another type of rash on her and she got some lumps in her throat or something like that
  3. ohiarlatha

    Tarnishing metals tutorial

    only a bit of criticism...i saw somewhere in there (i think towards the beggining) something about AA not hearing any cases about people having reactions to it...but i know myself and atleast 5-6 other people that have a serious reaction to it...-shrug- other than that i loved this.
  4. ohiarlatha

    I think I have gone a good thing

    absolutely amazing...i saw this and loved it immediately...i have alot of grad gifts and a few birthdays within a few days of each other and i've been stressin what to make thats fairly simple...this is nice...i just finished one (though it's nowhere near as elegent as this). stunning work
  5. ohiarlatha

    New necklace

    i think it looks incredible...thats an awesome choker...very creative.
  6. ohiarlatha

    My First Project

    thats incredible. i wish MY firt project looked like that
  7. ohiarlatha

    satan's got maille?

    lol, it was stage make-up
  8. ohiarlatha

    satan's got maille?

    i was satan in a drama skit at my youth group and i incorporated maille into the skit...only one of the gloves is finished....but still...the weaves are 4-1 and D-scale...idr sizes. and i think its funny...jesus and satan posing together.
  9. ohiarlatha

    big project aahead

    i'm using 14g 3/8 galvy...heavy stuff...and prolly i'll be working on small college tables mostly...and skedro's, i don't quite get what your saying...=
  10. ohiarlatha

    big project aahead

    ok, so i'm in a group called venturing and there's a weekend camping competition in january and its medieval themed...and i volunteered to make a hauberk cause it would win our team MAD bonus points...what is the process everyone would suggest? making it in patches, or just doing the whole damn thing? (i'll be doing it mostly at my college breaks) and just to check a 4-1 hauberk would lay )))))))))) (((((((((( )))))))))) like that right? thanks in advance. -jak
  11. ohiarlatha

    Egyptian Cuff

    absolutely amazing yet again legba...my hat is off to you.
  12. ohiarlatha

    Talk about a profit

    from looking at it the rings on the cross look soldered or something to me.
  13. ohiarlatha

    Mmm Flower thingie?

    as far as i can tell its just double spiral.
  14. ohiarlatha

    hand problems

    right after i learned maille i spent 7 hours a day mailling with SS and GS for the first week and a half...but i went to an amusement park for a day and didn't maille at all, and the next morning i couldn't even hold my pliers properly without having to drop then cause of the incredible pain...rest'em for a bit and if i may suggest....take your time and pace yourself...make sure you stretch your hands before and after...and every few minutes just put down your pliers and move your fingers normally...works for me. my to cents -jak
  15. ohiarlatha

    You might be a mailler if...

    lol, $5 was what i payed...XP