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    I got bored with the plain chainmail I was seeing, so I turned it into an art form.
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    Around the bend...tee hee
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    Hobbies, hmmm. Let's see...making chainmail, research, chainmail, reading, and chemistry.
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    Mostly a student, but I also work at a pet boarding house among other things.
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    January 2001
  1. Sleeper

    Scale Inlay Paper

    No, not really. I guess I should have mentioned that I found the papers under the scale section here at TRL. Sorry about that.
  2. Sleeper

    Scale Inlay Paper

    I'm designing an inlay for a vest and Stumbled across these totally awesome sheets. I just have one wuestion...How many square feet would one of these sheets take up if it were full size?
  3. Sleeper

    Looking for some tips.

    Most leggings don't have a crotch area. As far as attatching the leg tubes to the hips, I believe your best bet is to atach them at the front only, i.e. making a "trianlge" of material from the leg to the belt, or whatever you plan to use for such a thing. The leggings I have were made were attached to the waist starting at the front and wrapping around to mid-hip on both sides. This proved inconvenient as I am constantly popping rings and having to replace them.
  4. Sleeper

    how bout a halberd?

    I do believe that most pole arms were more favored by infantry to defend against a cavalry charge. As such, most knights would not use them unless they had to. If some one can clarify this, please do.
  5. I think it would be freakin' awsome if you could make a whole skeleton/mummy like that.
  6. Sleeper

    Cab/coin wrap tut

    They worked just fine and as soon as I finish the band, I'll post pictures of the finished item.
  7. Sleeper


    Not up to 100%. I get a notice occasionally, but not all of them.
  8. Sleeper


    Okay...I followed the steps and set it for immediate notification. We'll see how it works.
  9. Sleeper


    Hmmm. Interesting...I got a notification of the reply from Bernice, but not drako. I did go to "configure post options" and make sure I checked the "enable e-mail notification" box. I'm kinda hoping that's all I needed to do.
  10. Sleeper


    This is a test to see if I am doing something wrong which is causing me to not get e-mail notification when someone replies to a post I make. Any assistance will be appreciated.
  11. Sleeper

    Cab/coin wrap tut

    Great pics, Trellis. What size of rings did you use for them? The tut on MAIL says it uses 22awg/2.5mm sterling, but I don't find that in TRL's inventory. I want to use stainless to practice with before I move on to anything more pricey. Any suggestions on what size of rings I should use?
  12. Sleeper


    I need about 200 of these rings to finish a pair of motorcycle gauntlets I'm working on. If anybody has any laying around that they don't know what to do with, I would be happy to take them off your hands. Thanks.
  13. Sleeper


    Just remember....No matter where you go, there you are.
  14. Sleeper

    for the archers amomg us

    Depending on what the bow was made from, it could provide more power with a shorter draw. It would have to be made from a material that was strong and flexible with plenty of spring back.
  15. Were these discontinued? If so, what should I use to replace them with? I'm in the middle of a project and was about to order some more when I noticed they weren't there.