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  1. Donna

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    So, I'll be getting a lot of pictures of Stanley, Fur Rondy started this weekend and is going through next weekend. I'm just going to load the pics on my Flickr page, so you guys can pick and choose what you want to use. I'll label the pics if someone else took them, so just assume the pics are mine unless noted. We had fun in Girdwood, but poor Flat Stanley didn't bring skis... Flat Stanley found the deep snow...but for him, that's not too hard to do. We found a Humpback Whale Skull! We found a really expensive piece of Jade... We saw how really big pieces of jade get cut... Stanley snuck some of my coffee and enjoyed a hearty breakfast on Saturday... There are more pictures than that on my Flickr page.
  2. Donna

    How to connect to the IRC TRL chat room

    ok, sometimes I just have to have things spelled out real slow like. I have trillion 3.1 on my laptop. 1. In the server alias box do I put trl? 2. What do I put for a server name? and 3. Should I keep anything else in mind?
  3. Donna

    Edwardian Renaissance Necklace.

    Just completely beautiful!
  4. Donna

    Simple Earrings

    Thanks all. sofiadragon ~ I've been making the top earrings for a couple of years now. Sometimes I'll make euro 4-1 diamonds with beads on the bottom. I sell all those earrings at $10 to $15 a pair in those materials.
  5. Donna

    Simple Earrings

    Haven't posted in a bit. Here's some simple earrings that I've done. BA 18g 3/16 Stainless I don't remember the sizes. BA & AA 18g 3/16 & 20g 1/8 BA & AA 18g 3/16 & 20g 1/8
  6. Donna

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    Asidi ~ My sister and her boyfriend wanted to get involved too. She works in the Alaska Native Medical Center and is going to try and get pics of Flat Stanley next to some Alaska Native artwork. Her boyfriend is in Kosovo and really wants to get a pic of him in one of the blackhawks and around. Funny, I just learned that my son's class is going to read the book and might be doing the same project next week. We can likely get a pic of Stanley at the start of the Iditarod, but the race doesn't have it's Anchorage start until March 7th.
  7. Donna

    How the Grinch Stole the Tea Exchange

    Didn't mean to be a grinch. I did send tea off to Rose, and I hope that she enjoys it as much as I have been enjoying the tea that she sent me. My favorite was still the Creamy Earl Grey. The box that I sent her had been packed for quite some time sitting in my car. Alaskan winters will sometimes do a number on you and it did me this year. My apologies for being rotten.
  8. Donna

    Success! The stand alone coil guide works!

    *sniff sniff* Sorry I get all teary eyed and emotional when I read a good post. Wow just wow.
  9. Donna

    Budget Tumblers

    I think that overnight should do the trick, but I prefer the results of using brown rice.
  10. Donna

    Dragonscale ring size questions

    It's stainless 18g 5/32id and bronze 20g 1/8id, both from TRL. (sorry, I didn't realize that you had asked me for stats on Flickr. I normally would have given them to you in a private message. People who buy from me look at my Flickr page.) I think that you are making this too hard for yourself. There's loads of good info on the web on dragon scale. For my first dragon scale, I cut my own rings, several times a lot of trial and error to find sizes that worked.
  11. Donna

    First Jewellery Party Prep

    Ooo good luck.
  12. Donna

    **GULP** moral support needed!

    That's just filled with gooey awesomeness! Rock on uh...dance on and have fun!
  13. Donna

    Couple Bracelets

    Beautiful. Nice color combos.
  14. Donna

    More of my stuff of late - brass, bronze, copper

    pretty. how does she like?