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  1. Argentum

    The Metal Tread.

    Apparently there was some big dispute between her and the band about her only being interested in financial benefit and being too greedy or something. She apparently has gone off on a solo career now. She is nowhere near as good without the band. The split was a lose-lose in my opinion.
  2. Argentum

    The Metal Tread.

    I only like Nightwish with Tarja. Their new vocalist is very mediocre in my opinion.
  3. Argentum

    18+ Chat Room

    How did we get this far off topic? I don't think that an 18+ chat room would be such a good idea. Let me just say this: Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute. Just sit right there, and I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air.
  4. Argentum

    How to keep Mild Steel from rusting

    Any type of hard sealant (acrylic, etc) would chip off or wear off extremely quickly. I think your best bet, and probably your only, with mild steel would be to oil it and keep it as dry as possible. Unless you're set on mild steel for the purpose of historical accuracy, I would recommend going with a different type of scale. It removes the maintenance that mild steel requires, and just about any type of scale looks completely awesome, in my opinion.
  5. Argentum

    My new website

    It looks pretty good. Maybe on the background (I guess you would call it a background. The thing with the gray tone rectangles) you could round some of the edges instead of having sharp corners. That could just be a personal thing, but I think it would be more streamlined looking. I agree on the picture retakes. Modeled shots are great, but I think you should put them as secondary pics, if that's possible. I think just the piece on black velvet or something consistent would look more professional. Just my 2 cents. P.S. Was it intentional that your logo is a Star of David?
  6. Argentum

    Giger Inspired Chainmail

    Vertebrae weave?
  7. Argentum

    to coin or not to coin

    I haven't been on IRC in months. I'm just magical.
  8. Argentum

    to coin or not to coin

    Glasgow Botanic Gardens
  9. Argentum

    Fun picture

    Last year in physics class, we had a project to take a picture demonstrating an aspect of physics. We also had to write up a paper explaining the principle of physics that it demonstrated, but that is the boring part. I thought my picture came out pretty cool. It's demonstrating emission spectra. I burned denatured alcohol with (from left to right) Potassium permanganate, Copper (II) sulfate, and Sodium chloride.
  10. Argentum

    I need another scale tutorial bad!

    I'm not sure that this is what you are looking for, but it may be helpful: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/showthread.php?t=37061&highlight=crackymczap That's how I started off, anyway. Hope this helps. -Ethan
  11. Argentum

    Not Dead Yet

    Thanks everyone! sir_osis: I attached a piece of light blue ribbon to each end. It ties in the back. It is simple, but effective. On the topic of I.B., the grading isn't much of a problem. In fact, the teachers have had to tone down their grading from what they normally do because they were grading things too harshly by I.B. standards. I still have A's in all my classes, so I think the only thing I would gain is loads of free time. I figure after this, I'll just be able to kick back even more in college. If I do well on the exams I may be able to skip freshman year in college . Now I am curious (though a bit worried) what you consider your best decision ever made. -Ethan
  12. Argentum

    Material Personalities

    As said before, it really depends on what you like. Copper has a nice pinkish color, bronze has a very earthy... bronze color (for lack of a better term), and brass has a yellow, almost green color. I find the color of nickel silver to be slightly strange. I find that it changes depending on the light it is in (ie. fluorescent bulbs vs. natural light). Sometimes it appears light gold colored, sometimes it appears silvery, and sometimes sort of greenish. Copper is definitely the softest of them all. Brass is very springy. Bronze, though I have only used it once, seems to be tougher than brass. Nickel silver is probably the hardest to work with. It is tough and fairly springy. They should all hold up perfectly fine for jewelry wear. I have to disagree with Judy on this. The color preference is just an opinion, but I find that brass tarnishes the slowest out of copper, bronze, and brass. In order of tarnishing (from fastest to slowest) I would say it goes: copper, bronze, brass, nickel silver. Then again, tarnish can be nice. You call it a "patina", not tarnish One word of warning, though. Nickel allergies are quite common (5% of people, if I recall correctly). Hope some of this has helped. -Ethan
  13. Argentum

    Not Dead Yet

    No, I haven't died. I've just been extremely preoccupied with school. The International Baccalaureate program is brutal (or my teachers make it brutal, anyway). Not to mention guitar lessons, fencing, and college hunting suck up any free time. I have had barely any time for mailling, lately. And now for something completely different... (aka. enough complaining) Here are some things I've thrown together lately. Japanese Gradient Earrings: 18ga 5/32" Bright Aluminum 16ga 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 7/16" Bright Aluminum Ice Blue Choker: 20ga 7/64" Enameled Copper - Ice Blue 18ga 5/32" Bright Aluminum 12ga 1/2" Bright Aluminum Thanks for viewing! -Ethan
  14. Argentum

    bike chain jewellery

    Awesome pieces. I love that last one. It has a very serpentine look to it (in my opinion). I second the request for stats. Any idea what bike chains are made of? I've never really had a good close look at one (one not covered in grease, anyway). -Ethan
  15. Argentum

    Separation Anxiety

    Yes, I've experienced that as well. Eventually when I got into more expensive materials, I realized I should have my hobby start funding itself. I've found the best way to let go of a piece is by intending to sell it when you make it in the first place. If I have a piece for myself, and get an offer for it, I will make a duplicate of it to sell rather than selling the one I made for myself. Call me OCD, or whatever you want, but that is how I work. Most of my stuff is still either worn by me or given as gifts to friends/family, but I have made some sales. I intend to start selling more stuff soon, if I have any time to maille (which I have had almost none). One last thing I found helpful is to take a picture of the piece before you sell it. That way I know I can always look back at it and make one exactly like it should I need to (or want to). Hope some of this made sense (I'm a bit low on sleep at the moment) and was helpful. -Ethan