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  1. shivan911

    65% Complete

    Great looking piece - keep on going
  2. Gotta say paying for rush totally worth it.... I understand I am only a provence over but I got the order in less than 48 hours from the time I made it.... Thanks

  3. Make order on Saturday, get notice on Monday that it has been shipped, have it at my door at 915 am on Tuesday and it is all there...... YEP I AM A HAPPY CAMPER

  4. shivan911

    selling chainmail

    WOW - way to go.
  5. is getting ready for a gig teaching chainmaille as part of a history unit at a local school

  6. shivan911

    Replacing Springs on Pliers

    I use the 5" mastercraft pliers from Canadian Tire. They have a lifetime warrantee so when the spring breaks I get them replaced with new ones. I have 4 pairs of them so that I don't have to keep going back every week, but I am still in there every month or so replacing them tho. I also have a couple pairs of Xuron's that TRL sells. Have been using them for 2 years now and have yet had to replace the springs.
  7. shivan911

    selling chainmail

    I tend to sell more smaller items (and can earn more for my time on them), but on other hand the big or WOW!! items is what gets everyones attention (but dont get sold very often). I try to have a balance of the 2.... and every once in a while I get surprised when I sell one of the big items. Ebay and Etsy seem to be a waste of time and money if you value anytype of profit (at least that has been my experience)
  8. Well this type of pillow is generally used for LUMBAR support. Hence the name.
  9. shivan911

    An introduction

    For just starting in September you have been busy. Good work
  10. shivan911

    Darn him!

    In the 24 months that I have worked here I have completed 2 shirts, a haltertop, and countless pieces of jewelery & other geekery items..... I would say I can get 20-30 hours of chainmaille done in a work week and not have to touch the stuff while at home. But let me say that is about the only advantage of this job... it barely pays the bills and I work EVERY weekend.
  11. shivan911

    Darn him!

    hehehehehehehehehe another victim - I make alot of projects while sitting at work and he isnt the only one that curses my name and chainmaille in the same sentence.
  12. shivan911


    I have made a few different ones. Some stretchy with Neoprene rings and others with clasps. It really is a personal preference
  13. shivan911

    Attention Metalheads, this jacket OWNS you! (PICS!)

    Impressive as always Dave
  14. shivan911

    Calling the Rider Nation!!!

    Very true, but I was hoping to get some offers to see what people were willing to pay for it before I listed a price on it. For all I know the appraisels may be totally out to lunch considering anything is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. Thanks for the ebay suggestion, it has been a common one. But ebay is not the be all and end all of ways of selling things. I have had my account with them for 11+ years and in the last 5-6 years they really have gone down hill. I realize TRL probably isnt the best site to list it on (but by location I figured there might be a fan or two that would be interested). Thanks Tim
  15. shivan911

    Calling the Rider Nation!!!

    I have an autographed Roughrider penant from 1985 that I am looking at possibly selling. This 75th anniversy penant is signed by the entire team (number 54 signed it twice for some reason). . I received this as a gift 25 years ago and it has been pinned to my wall ever since. Other than the pin holes and some discoloration (remember this thing is 25 years old) it is in excellent shape (no creases or tears) and all the signatures are very visible in matching green ink. I have had it appraised by a few places and have a good idea of what it should be worth. I am accepting offers for this rare piece of Rider history. Thanks for looking