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  1. asanico

    small celtic star - ring size help

    I do them a little different than the tutorial for the small ones. I do 18 3/16 inner ring, and 18 3/16 for the center rounds. the outer rounds would be 20 3/16. The medium rings connecting them would be 20 1/8 and the outer rings 20 3/32.
  2. asanico

    New Round Tags & Dog Tags

    I will post some of my small tag stuff later, but right now I caqn't get to my photo set-up. It's in my basement studio, and I broke my ankle on Xmas eve. So I'm working out of two bins my son carried up for me. No photo's thoug, sniff.
  3. asanico

    New Round Tags & Dog Tags

    That's fair. Just something to keep in mind.
  4. asanico

    New Round Tags & Dog Tags

    Is there any chance will be making the small round tags out of bronze? Or brass? Or anything other than AA?
  5. asanico

    New Process for AA

    That is great news!!!!!!!
  6. asanico

    New Process for AA

    Me too!
  7. asanico

    Northeast Maillefest 2010

    I was wondering if there was going to be one this year! I would love to come, but.....It's too far for a day trip for me, and I don't have the time in my schedule for a full weekend. I missed last year because the date wan't announced until after I made other commitments. So while I would like to come, it's highly unlikely at this new location. I would suggest though, that in the future, deciding the date a little further in advance would be helpful, at least to me. If you guys come up with a definite date, I'll see if I can make it.
  8. asanico

    Need someone to wrap cabs for me

    When I first saw that, I was thinking non-maille wraps. I myself am very good at that, but I am in the same boat with maille wraps! Sorry dude!
  9. asanico

    copper jewelry

    After the LOS or boilder egg treatment, you can take some of it off with steel wool, as fine as you can get. Once yet get it where you want it cover it with paste wax. As a professiona jewelry maker I use Renaissance wax, but it is really expensive. Johnson's paste wax, or Butchers wax will work fine. For coloring you can use colored waxes that you can buy in the craft store.
  10. asanico

    What to do?

    I use 4 and 6 gauge to make bracelets! They are great if you hammer the ends and rivet them together.
  11. asanico

    What to do?

    4 gauge can be had at home depot. 4 and 6 gauge make great hammered bracelets!
  12. asanico

    tumbling copper

    I actually prefer wet tumbling with shot to anything else for bare copper, provided it's not mixed with anything that doesn't play well with shot. Barring that, my favorite is white rice.
  13. asanico

    What is the best gauge wire for making full persian

    I actually make and sell jewelry chains in 16 5/16. They are very popular! Also 18 1/4
  14. asanico

    Forum Features and Tweaks

    I have to agree the forum is slow. VERY slow. To me, almost unusably slow. To the degree that my browser has timed out a couple of times waiting for the load.
  15. asanico

    Fun picture

    I like the triangle! A lot!