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  1. Exibar

    Great price for Lightbox, $9.99! ;)

    Agreed, I absolutely LOVE shopping for my wife and my kids. I actually get a little peeved (only slightly though) when my wife does all the x-mas shopping helping Santa out and doesn't leave me anything to get to give to Santa to hand out on Christmas! Mike B
  2. Exibar

    Great price for Lightbox, $9.99! ;)

    It was only 8x8x8? Are you sure? I think maybe 18x18x18, the lights themselves are about 8" without the tripods. Unless everything was smaller, but it sure looked a real lot like the one I bought at WalMart for $49.99. same yellow box color, same lamps, tripod, everything. EDIT: ahh, yah 8x8x8... I lust looked it up online using google. Still seems like a great deal, especially for jewelry items. Mike B
  3. Wasn't sure where to post this (please move to a more appropriate thread if needed), but I know many of us want to take better pictures of our Maille... I don't have any affiliation with this site, and I just stumbled across it today, I figured I'd pass it along... http://wireless.1saleaday.com/ This is the same lightbox that I bought at WalMart for $49.99. The sale is going on only for another 9 hours, and the total comes to $15.98 with shipping. If you were waiting for a sale for these, now is the time ;-) "Sakar Mini Picture Studio Kit With Background Set, Lighting, Tripod & Carrying Case Retail Price: $99.99 Savings: (91 %) $90.00 Our Price: $9.99 " Mike B
  4. Exibar

    Pre-bagged Product Benefits

    hehehe, the way bags are sealed remind me of the bags of assorted candies at the corner store :-) I hope I don't try to eat the rings of my first bagged order! LOL Mike B
  5. Exibar

    blackened , help

    You sure it was blackened Stainless and not blackend mild steel? I didnt' think any stainless would rust like that... Mike B
  6. Exibar

    Inconel VS. Tungsten

    hehe, I didn't even know you coul dbuy tungsten wire until I read the rest of the thread, sounds like a good challenge to make some jewelry out of it! yah, many of the scouts use Lead in thier derby cars. But the serious racers that want to move onto the district races have cars that are too thin for lead. My son's car this year was only 3/8" thick... have to cram a lot of weight into a small area in back to keep the center of gravity where it should be for optimal speeds ;-) Mike B
  7. Exibar

    Inconel VS. Tungsten

    cool, I never thought that they made 16g Tungsten wire. Interesting :-) Great info Ferrous, knuut, and Freyr too! Mike B
  8. Exibar

    Inconel VS. Tungsten

    I only skimmed through the thread, and figured I'd add my 2rings worth. I use Tungsten quite a bit for my son's pinewood derby cars. These are 1st place cars at the District level that we put together :-) I also have other experiences with it as I'm a home machinist as well. Pure Tungsten couldn't be used for Maille unless you got pre-made solid rings. It has a specific gravity of 19.2 (Gold is 19.3) which makes it one of the densest metals on the planet. On top of that, it has a melting point of approx 6,000 degrees, so it's not easily melted, welded, etc. Wire EDM would be able to cut it, but I only know of handful of people (serious home Machinists! ) that either have or are building a home EDM cutting rig. EDM is (really basically) cutting metal with a wire that contains a high voltage going through it. Another thing that is bad about is is that it is VERY VERY hard. You can't drill it, cant cut it, etc. A couple good things about it is that it's so dense that it is perfect for when you have to add weight to something and have limit space (like Pinewood derby cars!). And it is pretty inert and safe to handle. No allergies, no sickness risks, etc etc. It also does not cause any harm to the environment, so it's starting to be widely used as fishing lures. There are many alloys of it used in machining. The most common is Tungsten-Carbide that you're drill bits might be made out of, end mills are made out of it as well, other metal cutting tools are also either made out of it or tipped with tungsten-carbide. Those alloys would be way too brittle for any type of maille work. well, jewelry might work though, if there isn't much stress.... Sorry if I've repeated anything anyone else has already said. I'm just feeling chatty today :-) Mike B
  9. Exibar

    Crappy casting

    Have you thought of wet playsand pressed? I've been gearing up to do aluminum castings and that's what I'll be using. The real fine playsand that you can get from home depot or PetCo for fish tanks. You should be able to wet the sand, then press it nice and dense, then push the item you want to mold into it. Spray the item with some PAM first and the sand won't stick too. Not sure how well that will work for really small items though.... What is it that you want to cast? Mike B
  10. Exibar


    I was just worried that someone might try the other method and get hurt or killed. I know that you're comfortable with AC and your previous method, it is very dangerous. I didn't mean any ill intentions, just wanted to ensure that it was clear that it was a very dangerous method ;-) thanks Ben! Mike B
  11. Exibar


    I get them as well, they certainly are not fun when they hit. I have a HUGE bottle of Fiorocettes that I take at the on-set of one. I'll pop a could of those and that will usually curb the migraine if I catch it just at the right time. If I miss the right time, cold cold cold facecloth on the forehead, couple of fiorocettes, lots of Coke, dark room, no noise, eyes closed is the only way to deal with it. When I was younger and able to smoke it, I'd throw a bit of weed into a pipe and smoke a bit of it. That ALWAYS worked, no matter when I caught the migraine. Now I'd be too afraid of loosing my job to smoke it, even to get rid of a migraine.... It really should be legal. Mike B
  12. Exibar


    I would NOT suggest you doing this! AC current, the electricity from your wall outlets, is VERY dangerous to play with if you don't know what you're doing. Heck, it's even dangerous if you DO know what you're doing. I might assume that if you don't' know how to make something magnetic that you don't know what you're doing.... I don't' want anyone hurt. I would NOT suggest you doing this! You have a good chance of electrocuting yourself and/or burning your house down in the process. Use a 6 volt lantern battery, and that same toilet paper tube. Wrap the copper wire around the tube, neatly in one row along the length. When you're ready with your item, connect one end of the wire to the negative ( - ), and the other end to the positive ( + ) terminal. Slide your item in and out of the tube and it will become magnetized if it's made from a ferrous metal (ie steel). Aluminum will not become magnetized. Mike B
  13. Exibar

    wrapping cabs!

    So, just to get this right, you'd place the stone face down, squeeze in some epoxy on the back of the stone and spin it? I had no idea that this much epoxy is used in a cab wrap. I always figured to put some epoxy around the inner portion of the rings around back. I never figured to fill in the entire back. You wouldn't happen to have a picture of one made using this method would ya? thanks! Mike B
  14. Exibar

    Faster Packing and Labelled Bags

    Although I have mixed feelings about having to order by ring count now, I am happy that you'll still list the weight of the bags. I'm sure many of us that work in non-precious metals would rather order by weight, as that's what we're accustomed to. I have no idea what 100 AA1614 rings looks like, nor how much of a braclet they'll make, but I certainly know what .5 pounds looks like and how many items that will make before I have to order more. I'm sure this is much more the norm than the exception, it's just they way it's always been ;-) I'm sure hoping that this will help the problem that I've come across in the past of having different sizes mixed in. It's happened a few times and I've always made do with it, one time it happened that I bought (I think it was) 5 pounds of Stainless rings of one size, and got about 4 pounds of the size I wanted, and 1 pound of this other size... all mixed in the same bag ;-( Was aweful to separate as the sizes were prett close, but I did wind up using this other size as well :-) Mike B
  15. Exibar

    video tutorials

    wholey crap! I think I can now actually make Full Persian! Once this season's PineWood derby is over (Jan 31 is the pack race, then onto District if we qualify...hopefully WHEN we qualify!) I'm going to pick up the pliers again and get to the FP! Very nice! thank you thank you! Mike B