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  1. Tukaram

    And I wondered why this forum was dead

    I didn't see that thread. Kind of glad I missed it. All I can say is... well... there is nothing to be said really. Cynake, cool cropping. Love the ghostbusters, and she seems to be enjoying herself.
  2. Tukaram

    Cloak commission

    I actually am quite handy with a sewing machine but I bought a cloak online. For $50 ($60 now) I'm not sure I could have bought the material. Mine is unlined, no trim, heavy cotton twill. It wraps around my fat ass 2 times. So on someone with human proportions maybe 3 times? The clasp gave me some woe but luckily I had some rings laying around and I fixedted it right up. http://garbtheworld.com/items/g0019.shtml Some of the pictures look pretty bad but I love my cloak and get tons of compliments on it (i think the bad ones are bad material choices for the pics). Make sure you post some pics of the wool cloak when you done making it!
  3. Tukaram

    Tool question

    Since the tools are not truly "permanent" magnets you basically need to get the now ordered poles randomized again. If you do not have a magnetizer/demagnetizer (I would assume you don't) you can put the tool on a counter and give it a few good whacks with a hammer (or drop it on the floor a few times). The vibration induced on the magnet causes the magnetic dipoles to randomize. No, seriously. I'm not kidding. You can also heat it over a gas burner on your stove but that can mess with the metal so I wouldn't do that.
  4. Tukaram

    Great price for Lightbox, $9.99! ;)

    Missed it by 30 minutes. Bummer. But if you need a pen/flashlight/laser pointer they got one.
  5. Tukaram

    My Dog is an idiot

    Your dog may just have an iron deficiency... or a stainless deficiency. Any way, you know the rule. If it hits the ground, it belongs to the hound!
  6. Tukaram

    a (coffee) table fit for a king

    They both look great. But I must say I was amused by the way it sounded. My husband came home and made a table. Like it just happens on a whim, regularly.
  7. Tukaram

    new working surface... maybe

    I generally use my lap. It's the right height, and I can prop my feet on the coffee table.
  8. Tukaram

    So I might invest in a tumbler...

    A lot of people talk bad about the Harbor Freight tumbler but I've had mine for well over a year with no issues... and still on the first belt. I got a double barrel for $30 on sale. First thing I did was loosen the belt just a little bit, and oil the shaft bearing (little plastic crappy bearings). I oil them every few uses and have been very happy with it. I have a very fine mineral oil in a syringe like dropper. (free from one the air conditioning parts houses) For $30 you can hardly go wrong.
  9. Tukaram

    iPod Touch Question

    It depends a lot on how you use an ipod. With earbuds the reduced bitrate is not noticeable. I wouldn't do it with my music I play at home.
  10. Tukaram

    iPod Touch Question

    If you already have an 8 gig player you could try what I did. I have a 16 gig ipod and about 80 gig of music, and wasn't sure how to rectify the situation. I bought a program '4music mp3 bitrate changer' for $ 19 (http://www.4musics.com/mp3-bitrate-changer.htm). It takes an mp3 file and compresses it down to whatever you want (just don't overwrite the originals). I turned all my music to 32kb. On the computer it has a noticeable decrease in sound quality but on the ipod it sounds fine. I have now about 50 gig of music on a 16 gig ipod (and lots of room still). My son says we are all crazy. He said his 2 gig was waaaay too big. How much do you need with you at one time? He just doesn't understand. (In the Navy I had 1/4 of my locker filled with cassetes, music is more important than socks and underwear!)
  11. Tukaram

    I need more entries

    I entered but I don't know my ring size. If I win I bet I can figure it out though... Sounds like a pretty cool idea. You want we should send info to others? It might get you more business? My ex would like the rings.
  12. Tukaram

    I'm Ready For A New Car

    I don't anything in particular about the Fit. I have a Toyota Matrix and have been very happy with it. All of those cars look about the same to me. Fit, Matrix, Cruiser, HHR, that whole genre blends together. I've rented numerous cars while traveling and usually get one about that size. I have noticed very little difference in any of them. Toyota and Honda both have very good reputations so I'm sure the Fit should be fine.
  13. Tukaram


    An Ayurvedic treatment I was taught: Make a dough with flour and water. Roll it into a long piece (think baguette). Put it around your head with the top of the head exposed. Separately heat ghee and castor oil. Pour on top of your head, the dough crown will keep it from running down your face. This sounds very messy so I have never tried it. But I do have a moist heat heating pad (weird thing with like rice and herbs in it). Microwave it for 2 1/2 minutes and put it on top of your head. Headache may not go away completely but enough to get some sleep.
  14. Tukaram


    Yeah the Navy loved to hand out Benadryl. At least it helps you sleep.
  15. Tukaram


    The doctors call mine migraines but then they also say it doesn't fit any classic pattern; they just don't know what else to call it. Mine started in the Navy in 1992. When it hits bad it looks like a stroke. But I have had a headache 24/7 since '92. They have tried everything on me over the years. Some of the anti-depressants and epilepsy meds have worked fairly well. Any pain killer strong enough to do any good also makes me too stoned to work. Right now I am on lamotrigine, it is a seizure/depression/mood instability med. Been on it about a year and it has me feeling better than anything else. Well one thing I tried did work better but they piss test us at work so I can't smoke it anymore. I honestly never even tried pot until I was 40, and it was a medical experiment. Not that I'm recommending any illegal activities though.