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  1. richvparr

    Full Persian 5 in 1 tutorial

    thank you. I had just seen a pic on the MAIL page labeled as a full 5 in 1, but thank you for the correction.
  2. richvparr

    Full Persian 5 in 1 tutorial

    Well thats one more link than I've been able to find. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will post one after seeing this.
  3. richvparr

    Full Persian 5 in 1 tutorial

    would anyone happen to know where I can find a Full Persian 5 in 1 tutorial? Thank you.
  4. richvparr

    A little bit about Alabama

    Living in on the BamaGa border all my life I can say those rules apply in every town I've lived in in both states, and Luncelot 100+ really isn't too bad as long as the humidity stays reasonable.
  5. richvparr

    A question about jewelry for men.

    Personally I have a ti full persian bracelet that I wear everyday.
  6. richvparr

    Puff the magic....

    Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. richvparr

    David Eddings passed away

    Well damn he was one of the very few writers who could keep my attention. Heres to an amazing writer
  8. richvparr

    Olivia Variant Sterling Watch

    WOW I love it. It looks very classy.
  9. richvparr

    Who here is ADD? :D

    look it up. What you described isn't evolution it's how some people act. That's different Not all chemicals are just in food. Should we stop breathing and drinking water as well? That's the thing a person with true ADD can't learn to focus for long periods of time on just one thing and FYI I do cook most of my meals (while I'm doing homework, getting ready for work, mailing, or all of the above) and they do consist of fairly healthy foods. But I think most people who know anything about the human body will tell you what you eat can't change ones genes (which is where evolution comes in)
  10. richvparr

    Galvy and lemon Juice

    that was going to be my next question if I had gotten the answer I was looking for. lol
  11. richvparr

    Who here is ADD? :D

    my point is in the medical field they have a general range of how much of each chemical the average person should have in there body and they allow for some people having more or some having less hense your overly tall people short people and that type thing. Those are not considered illnesses. When someone in the medical field talks about chemical imbalances in relationship to illnesses that's when you get into depression, ADHD, Alzhheimer's, ect, and saying that ADHD isn't an illness that it's just the way someone is born and people should adapt to it is like saying the same thing about Parkinson's or any of the otherphysically visiable illnesses. And just to give you an example of what it's like to have it remember the nights you had problems focusing. Make it three times as bad and an all the time problem. Imagine not being able to care on a conversation without changing the topic half a dozen time, not being able to go to sleep for an hour or two after you lay down because your brain won't quit racing, not being able to focus on reading for longer than a page or two at a time before your brain starts to wonder. It's funny I've actually gotten up three times in the time it's taken me to type this. This effects every part of our lives from learning, like having to read something over and over because you just cant get your mind to pay attention, to how we interact with people, changing topics so often and so fast people cant keep up. Thats basically what its like, and I don't mean it's just like this some times. This is an all day everday thing unless the person is helped. It may not be an illness that can be seen and it is definately over diagnosed, but it is a real illness
  12. richvparr

    Who here is ADD? :D

    Well speaking as someone who HAS ADD I don't expect the rest of the world to adapt to me. I'm differentand if I want to fit in I'll do what I need to. If that means I have to take meds to help me focus sometimes then tha's what I'll do, but why should everyone else change for me. Hell at school teacher are required to make allowances for me and adapt things like how I'm tested and how I receive class notes so that it helps me in the class, and I won't even let them do that. And believe me I see things fairly frequently that I could have done better or made a higher grade on if I had allowed the help. But it's MY problem and it's up to ME to correct it or get help for it. It's called personal responsibility. Oh and Cynake the homosexuality chemical imbalance link is still being studied and even if it does show to be the cause of it I would brag about it since everything else that's caused by what common medical concensus considers a chemical imbalance is an illness: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia, depression, ect. Or do you actually think homosexually is an illness too?
  13. richvparr

    Who here is ADD? :D

    I have to say I agree with Muirgheal as I was in my twenties when I was diagnosed. Alot of the reason it's more common now that in the past could have to do with evolution, or the chemicals we are consuming now, and that weren't in the past, are causing chemical imbalances, since ADHD is caused by a chemical imbalance. But the logic that something wasn't diagnosed in the past or wasn't treated in the past means it can't exist now or should not be treated now doesn't make sense. Now I'm not saying that the ADHD label hasn't been abused. I'm just saying that there are those that do have it, and if treating them helps them to live a more full filling life then treat them. Oh and for those of you who don't understand how ADHD meds work now days they do'nt change your personality or keep you sedated. They normally help the person focus for a few hours after it is taken, but wear off after about 4-6 hours, depending on the meds, and allowing the person to return to there normal ADHD self.
  14. richvparr

    Galvy and lemon Juice

    Thank you all for your help. I think I'm going to skip that idea lol