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    Vikings & AM Civil War Living History, Church, farm life, and friends.
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    BSCE from Texas A&M, MDiv in prog @ SAGU. member: Vikings N.A., 3rd LA Inf & 4th Eng Confedertes
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    Chain Maille, Icelandic Sheep, Norwegian Fjord Horse, Horses, Reading, Shoe Making, & Casting
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  1. Olaf

    VERY nice!
  2. Olaf

    Challenge Coin

    Most interesting! Nice work with small rings.
  3. Olaf

    Bra side 2

    very nice job of fitting. I would be tempted to remove a tringular secton near the shoulder, but it's hard to tell in these photos. Does it fold or impinge movement near the shoulder at all?
  4. Olaf

    330431 376707519013528 100000228492672 1693686 681111728 O

    Very nice work. How does it look when worn?
  5. Olaf

    Bottle Rainbow

    I've always like bottle wraps. Nice job!
  6. Olaf


    Wonderful use of texture, color, and size!
  7. Olaf

    Scalemail Bra

    that is really interesting. well done!
  8. Olaf

    Green Dragon

    That is quite the interesting work! Well done!!!
  9. Olaf

    American Flag

    Most impressive!!!
  10. Olaf

    Niobium, titanium, pearls, agate, steel

    most interesting!
  11. Olaf

    Large scale candle skirt.

    that is truly wonderful! I love the use of color and texture.
  12. Olaf

    Cmb Dom nekid02

    Most interesting!
  13. Olaf

    Close-up on Sorceress Headdress

    Very well done. I really like the overall effect.
  14. Olaf

    Scalemail Bellydancer

    Spiffy! & Nicely done.
  15. Olaf


    Outstanding! It looks great with that outfit.