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  1. Pictured: Arthur Greenleaf Holmes (as played by Gordon Boudreau) based on a photo by Carr Hagerman. stats: 16 1/4 anodized aluminum, TRL standard colours, machine and saw cut.

    © Tease Designs of Canada

  2. Pictured: inlay of the King and Queen of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, based on their promotional photo stats: 16g 1/4 rings, anodized aluminum,all standard TRL colors, both sawcut and machine cut Shirt is fully reversible, front to back.

    © Tease Designs of Canada

  3. Lord Ruthven

    Tiger stripes chainmaille shirt back

    Tiger striped chainmaille shirt (back) 16g 1/4 rings BA, black anodized aluminum, and copper plated aluminum

    © Tease Designs of Canada

  4. Lord Ruthven

    Tiger stripes chainmaille

    Tiger striped chainmaille shirt. 16g 1/4 rings black AA, BA, and copper-plated aluminum

    © Tease Designs of Canada

  5. Lord Ruthven

    Old customer, very impressed

    TRL has always been my main ring supplier, but I gotta say your shipping is becoming more and more impressive. Placed an order at 7:30am and received the order by 10:30am the next day. HOLY CRAP! Keep up the amazing work!
  6. Lord Ruthven

    Quebec Nordiques Hockey Jersey

    My latest addition to my chainmail hockey jersey collection! A Quebec Nordiques hockey jersey. For those who didn't know, the Nordiques were an NHL hockey team from 1979 to 1995. They ended up moving to the US and became the Colorado Avalanche. Stats: the shirt is approximately a 3XL to a 4XL using current jersey sizing made of AA (light blue saw cut, frost saw cut, and red machine cut rings) and EPDM (light blue, white, and red) in 16G 1/4ID rings, all from TRL euro 4-1 pattern sleeves are joined using 90 degree seams to keep the inlays on the shoulders looking the same and having the same orientation as those on the front and back of the jersey, which required making the sleeves a part of the shoulder yoke, resulting in 90 degree seams both horizontally and vertically. Constructive criticism always welcome.
  7. Lord Ruthven

    Quebec Nordiques Chainmaille Hockey Jersey

    This is the front of my latest maille hockey jersey: the Quebec Nordiques jersey of Peter Stastny. Stats: 16 1/4 rings of AA and EPDM AA rings are saw cut sky blue, saw cut frost, and machine cut red sleeves are 3/4 sleeves joined to the body using 90 degree seams Sleeves are part of the shoulder yoke to keep in the inlays of the fleur-de-lys looking the same as those on the rest of the shirt

    © by Tease Designs

  8. Back of Quebec Nordiques Chainmaille hockey jersey Namebar reads P. Stastny for Peter Stastny, a key player in that franchise stats: 16 1/4 rings AA (sky blue saw cut, frost saw cut, and red machine cut) EPDM (light blue, white, and red) 3/4 sleeves are slightly tapered sleeves joined using 90 degree connections and the sleeves are part of the shoulder yoke to keep the orientation of the inlays on the shoulders the same as those on the rest of the shirt

    © by Tease Designs

  9. Lord Ruthven

    quebec Arm

    Arm from Quebec Nordiques Chainmail Hockey Jersey AA and EPDM 16 1/4 3/4 sleeves 90 degree seams with arm attached as part of the shoulder yoke to keep the inlay of the fleur de lis the same orientation as the others on the shirt.

    © by Tease Designs

  10. Minnesota Wild hockey jersey with short sleeves (I may add to the length of the sleeves) Sleeves are attached at 90 degrees. Stats : 16 1/4 rings in EPDM and anodized aluminum (green, white and red) The nameplate on the back reads BOOGAARD, for Derek Boogaard, a former Wild enforcer who died before reaching 30 years of age. His was a compelling story: look him up on Wikipedia.
  11. Lord Ruthven

    Minnesota Wild chainmail hockey jersey back

    Minnesota Wild Hockey jersey. Short sleeves and bears the name Boogaard on the nameplate. Derek Boogaard was a Wild player for 5 seasons as an enforcer. He died during his career before he reached the age of 30 while under contract to the New York Rangers. Stats : EPDM rubber and AA 1/4 rings
  12. Another chainmaille hockey jersey. This is a Hartford Whalers jersey. Number 9 for Gordie Howe who played with his two sons, Mark and Marty, in Hartford. Stats : 5/16 BA, blue and green AA, and white EPDM, and blue and green glow in the dark Silicone rubber rings. Glows really well under a black light or just in the dark.
  13. Lord Ruthven

    Hartford Whalers chainmail jersey back

    Another finished chainmail jersey. Stats : aa 5/16 in blue and green and BA in 5/16 & 5/16 rubber Note : blue and green rubber are glow in the dark
  14. Lord Ruthven

    Vancouver Canucks chainmaille jersey front

    front of the Vancouver Canucks chainmaille jersey I made. About 200-250 hours of work. Number 16 and reads LINDEN on the name bar Stats : 5/16 anodized aluminum (both saw cut and machine cut) in frost, blue, and green

    © Original Canucks logo is property of Canucks Sports & Entertainment

  15. Lord Ruthven

    Vancouver Canucks chainmail jersey back

    Back of the Trevor Linden chainmail Vancouver Canucks jersey Stats : 5/16 AA in frost, blue, and green in a mix of saw cut and machine cut.

    © TeaseDesigns