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  1. atlantaarmory

    Need help on scale rose

    Thanks for the help. I'll try the 19 5/32" and I'll see if Jon would be willing to put together a kit for me, for the flower at least. I usually am not very creative myself but I had an image flash in my mind of the flower on a bracelet. Now it's just the making it part...
  2. atlantaarmory

    Need help on scale rose

    I've used 18316 before though it was a bit bulky. I chose that size since that's the smallest size of rubber rings TRL carries. The previous bracelet had two units of rubber rings so the wearer didn't have to fool around with a clasp. I guess I could use them again with smaller rings. As for the rose I'm just trying to use as few ring types as possible. I get the jist of how to make a flower but I'd like to see if there's a way to make one without 3 or 4 different ring sizes. -Ben
  3. atlantaarmory

    Need help on scale rose

    I'm wanting to make a silver byzantine (double connector) from 20316 sterling silver rings and I'd like to add a flower on it. I was thinking of using the small silver scales but I don't know how to connect them into a flower. I was hoping to use just 20316 rings but I know that might not be an option. -Ben
  4. atlantaarmory


    I could be wrong (and I often am) but if you delete your browsing history, clean out cookies, or delete temporary downloads that may have erased your wishlist. I know it does that for your shopping cart. -Ben
  5. atlantaarmory

    Flattened Rings

    More expensive, especially if you want it flat rather than square. -Ben
  6. atlantaarmory

    chainmail vest ga question

    You'll need to know the following: Waist Chest (after a big breath) Fall Length from armpit to bottom hem Front - armpit to armpit across chest Back - armpit to armpit across back Armpit - width of armpit Bicep at full flex Sleeve length If your chest is smaller than Front + Back + 2 x Armpit use the latter as the chest measurement. If your waist is smaller than the chest use the chest measurement. Here is the formula: Area = (Chest + 10") (or average of chest and waist) x Fall length + Bicep x Sleeve x 2 + (Back + Front) / 2 x (Bicep - Armpit). This formula doesn't include the area taken out by the head hole but that'll give you a small margin of extra rings. -Ben
  7. atlantaarmory


    Exibar, I am used to making and using devices that use very high current and voltage (welders especially) and I didn't 'water down' the principle for people who might not be comfortable with electricity and I stand corrected. I will retract my post and offer a new setup: If you can find an electric motor that has coils around the shaft that is long enough, you can take out the shaft and you'll have a tube that will do the same thing. Since it still involves electricity that likely still comes from the wall there is still an element of danger. However, it is safer than the home made device mentioned in my first thread. The reason I use AC current in this situation is that I don't have to actively move the piece inside the magnet in order to get the same effect. Since I've been exposed to so much that could injure me with a wrong move I feel moderately comfortable using the AC method. -Ben
  8. atlantaarmory


    Post Deleted -Ben
  9. atlantaarmory

    Blackened Stainless Coif

    Did the rings warp significantly with the heat / quench? -Ben
  10. atlantaarmory

    split ring choices

    Any type of steel split ring would owrk fine, though I'd go with coined split rings. I started a vest but used my own overlapped spring stainless rings and it scratches a lot. It's wearable but I wish I had gotten coined rings. -Ben
  11. atlantaarmory

    Blackened Stainless Question

    I can get almost a blackened finish just by tumlbing for around 24 hours in stones, though I'm not sure if butted rings would be able to take the abuse. -Ben
  12. atlantaarmory

    So how do -you- pass the time?

    Pandora and whatever's better on Discovery, History, or Comedy. The trouble I have with Pandora is that after about a month of listening to a station it starts recommending weird crap that I specifically don't like (such as country. Just not my kind of music.)
  13. atlantaarmory

    Question about titanium...

    It polishes up nicely in hardwood sawdust. It looks really cool since it has a darker background, which adds a little more 'depth' to the polish.
  14. atlantaarmory

    Galvanized steel.

    According to the warning on the back of most retail store packages of galvy wire, it may cause cancer in people who reside in California (which applies here). I'm not so sure about the carcenogenic effects of zinc as many things that are tested to be carcenogenic in large doses commonly have been found to be anti-carcenogenic in minute doses. I get a rash when I wear galvy for several hours and sweat. Then again, I also get a rash from some sun-screens (like Bullfrog). It's not going to kill you under normal conditions (if you call wearing it 'normal') but I avoid it whenever I can. It's a great material to start with but there are better materials out there if you can afford it. EDIT: I think the dossage thing is called hormesis. It's still highly debated whether it is true or not but the argument is whether a small dose is beneficial or not, rather than harmful or not.
  15. atlantaarmory

    FML. Wait, never mind...

    No Sig-other or ex that is within 100 miles of my place. This looked more like a smash-and-grab, except that there was nothing of interst for them to grab. Some drawers had been gone through but others had been left alone. I think whoever it was gave up on finding anything. Also, about three hours after my neighbor called in my break-in the guy next door to me was sleeping in late and was woken up by three young-ish men (several others in the complex think it's some kids fresh out of middle school doing this) who were scared off. From the looks of it it's just a bunch of non-proffesional brats who were looking for drugs, cash, or something of great value (maybe jewelry) that could be easily carried off. Actually, just as I was finishing the last sentence of that paragraph I remebered that my other roommate's sister had left a silver necklace when she was moving out. It's not there anymore. So that just confirms my initial suspision: smash and grab with little to grab. I'm not sure of that and even then I think that act has expired, the agents would have to have reasonable suspision, and they'd be a bit more proffesional about the entry (like locking up afterwards, etc.).