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Status Updates posted by CGAZMailleMan

  1. Just hit the 2k mark on my project. Just putting around with it. Not like I am trying too hard. Just 100-200 at a time while on Netflix.

  2. 1k rings into my project. ~19k to go.

    1. Gil-Galad


      it's always a good feeling to enter a new "k"

    2. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Kinda makes you feel like a pitcher getting a strike out... also known as a K! :D

  3. So, my morning ride just bailed on me. I get to walk again!

    1. shrimp


      You need a bicycle, at the least! Find a thrift store or something. If I was local, I'd give you mine.

    2. CGAZMailleMan


      Actually, I have a bike. I had surgery 7 weeks ago in the groin area. It isn't quite healed up enough to handle the bike yet. It would take me the same amount of time but a lot more energy to ride as it does to walk right now.

  4. Early to bed tonight. I have to walk in to work in the morning. 3 AM start time... 2 1/2 hour walk. Heading out at 12 should do it.

    1. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Holy Cow!! If I owned a pair, I would send you my Boots of Blinding Speed (Morrowind)

    2. Skedros


      walking is free exercise.

    3. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Free exercise be damned! Any more then an hour and a half is too far! Imagine... that is five hours a day, plus a nine hour shift, that is sixteen hours on your feet, and that is not good for the body.

  5. ok, I made over 4K rings today, and weaved 1K of them into my project. I am done for the night.

  6. My son (4) is a geek like me. I hand him some pasta. Him: What sause is this? Me: Alfredo Him: This isn't Lord of the Rings Me: Alfredo, not Frodo.

  7. For the love of god, why did I let myself get bumped to a 16 hour day shift with only 9 hours notice?

  8. Off to work I go. I'm glad I managed to make several coils to cut in case I get slow. I need to get some work done on this shirt.

  9. I broke down and went to make a partial order so I can get my ordered projects done, only to find out that the AA18 wire I need is also out of stock! Arrrrg!

  10. Ok, I am done with markup code for the night. On to my mailling project.

  11. I see that the Gallery preview is back, YAY!!

  12. Yes it is the season. I am working through the CSS code of the Wiki skin to get it to look the way I want it to.

  13. My one day off will be spent sleeping and weaving rings. Just not at the same time.

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      now that you said that you know you're going to dream about weaving right...

  14. I like the subtle changes that have been made to the forum.

  15. I agree with chaos557. You have to be happy with what you do.