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  1. Just hit the 2k mark on my project. Just putting around with it. Not like I am trying too hard. Just 100-200 at a time while on Netflix.

  2. CGAZMailleMan

    help with an odd project

    I could suggest a pattern like my profile picture. It is Byzantine / Birdsnest. If you are going with black paint under the maille, the SS rings will stand out, and it will make for an interesting effect in the open area's.
  3. CGAZMailleMan

    help with an odd project

    I would think that using some trim around the edges would be needed. If you do that, you canmount the maille and trim with rivets through the trim and maille into the body. When the rivets are pulled tight, they will sandwich the maille between the trim and body, making a tight mount. Another option would be to weld or braze the maille on, then add the trim to cover the edges of the maille.
  4. CGAZMailleMan

    Weird, random chainmaille projects...

    I work as general maintenance, and wire is ALWAYS in my tool box. Replaced a few carter pins, split rings, washers, and have even used some strait wire with a hook as an improvised snake for clogged drains. Always get "the look" when I bring out my tool box after saying "I'll figure something out and get it working". There have been a few times that I know that my fix will work before doing it (experience), but I have to tell my manager "I have to get creative with this. It will work, just be creative."
  5. 1k rings into my project. ~19k to go.

    1. Gil-Galad


      it's always a good feeling to enter a new "k"

    2. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Kinda makes you feel like a pitcher getting a strike out... also known as a K! :D

  6. So, my morning ride just bailed on me. I get to walk again!

    1. shrimp


      You need a bicycle, at the least! Find a thrift store or something. If I was local, I'd give you mine.

    2. CGAZMailleMan


      Actually, I have a bike. I had surgery 7 weeks ago in the groin area. It isn't quite healed up enough to handle the bike yet. It would take me the same amount of time but a lot more energy to ride as it does to walk right now.

  7. CGAZMailleMan

    Making a mermaid skirt

    There is a lot to go with it. There is a way to use http://theringlord.com/cart/shopcontent.asp?type=ScaleCalculator to help. Just fill in the waist and length measurements. That will give you the basic idea of how many scales that you will need. Right on there, it shows how many scales are needed if you use large or small scales. Keep in mind that this won't include anything like slits in the skirt, or the scales for the tail. It will just give you a good starting point for figureing out your materials.
  8. Early to bed tonight. I have to walk in to work in the morning. 3 AM start time... 2 1/2 hour walk. Heading out at 12 should do it.

    1. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Holy Cow!! If I owned a pair, I would send you my Boots of Blinding Speed (Morrowind)

    2. Skedros


      walking is free exercise.

    3. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Free exercise be damned! Any more then an hour and a half is too far! Imagine... that is five hours a day, plus a nine hour shift, that is sixteen hours on your feet, and that is not good for the body.

  9. CGAZMailleMan

    Spiders and webs and magnets, oh my?

    I had figured that. I kind of pictured several modular strands that could be rearranged into different webs. Maybe even use something like BuckeyCubes to connect to the clasp ends. https://www.getbuckyballs.com/order/buckycubes/ Something like that would make for an interesting cubical/office novelty. Could even be used in classrooms for projects and magnetic demonstrations.
  10. CGAZMailleMan

    Spiders and webs and magnets, oh my?

    I like the concept. I agree that Titanium would be best for strength and weight. BA may be a good idea too. If you end up going with SS, I would suggest using neodymium magnets to compensate for the increased weight. It doesn't take much with them to get the job done. Strong and small. I think they would work well in your concept.
  11. CGAZMailleMan

    scale mail fitted bra

    That would take a fair bit less time than trying to weave it then sew it on. Not to mention the lowered weight of the finished piece.
  12. CGAZMailleMan

    scale mail fitted bra

    It wouldn't be too difficult to hide the straps of the cloth bra underneath strips of maille. Also, using a cloth bra as a base would give you a built in closure point, provided the clasp's are sturdy enough to handle the extra weight of the scales and rings.
  13. CGAZMailleMan


    Well, most of you may not remember me. I was active on here about 1 1/2 years ago, then suddely went poof on everyone. After an extended "vacation" from maille, I am finally ready to pick my pliers back up. So expect to see me here a lot more. Now to go through a years worth of old posts to see what everyone has been up to... lol.
  14. CGAZMailleMan

    bracelet sizes?

    I always had a lot of good feedback from the Byzantine as well as Half Persian. Another thing to keep in mind is ring size. Most women prefer thinner chains, while men will tend to go for a slightly thicker chain. I once sold a matched set to a couple. Used 18ga for hers, and 14 for his. Same weave, same AR, just different ring sizes.
  15. CGAZMailleMan

    Arizona Chainmail Gathering

    And I thought I was bad at reviving old threads. But still, if anyone is in or around the Casa Grande area, it would be nice to meet up. Just getting back into things myself, so I am rebuilding my tools and stock.
  16. CGAZMailleMan

    New to chainmail. Any help is appreciated

    Ok, so you want to learn the weaves? http://mailleartisans.org/weaves/ This is helpful. In there, most of the instructions show the AR needed for the pattern. Minimum, maximum, and suggested AR's are usually listed. TRL has a nice page explaining AR, and also shows how to find it in the product listing. http://theringlord.com/cart/shopcontent.asp?type=aspectratio Just remember... AR = Inner Diameter / Wire diameter. The graph here also helps: http://theringlord.com/cart/shopcontent.asp?type=WireGuage It shows the different wire guages, and helps to put it into decimal format for the math to work. if you don't already know the AR of the ring you can find it by using a caliper to get a measurement of the Inner Diameter as well as the wire diameter. Then plug it into the formulae, and you have your AR. Armed with that, you can go through the weaves section of MAIL and experiment, learn, and grow your skill. Have fun with it. There is no better way to learn this craft other than to do it yourself.
  17. CGAZMailleMan

    scale mail fitted bra

    Something like this may work well for the back. Though I would suggest a bit larger of a strap for someone THAT endowed. This was the test fitting of the bra that I made for my wife. You can see the EPDM rings in the horizontal strap. I added those in to keep it snug, but to also allow it to move well enough so that she could actually breathe. If you were to use something similar, I think you would have a good result and a more custom fit. Also, thinking about the nature of the female body, their exact shape and size isn't always the same from day to day (for various reasons). Having the EPDM rings will allow the piece to adapt itself to any changes (within reason) that come about.
  18. CGAZMailleMan


    Sorry, I have issues with language. I can speak it, know the deffinitions, and can understand it all well enough. Spelling, however, escapes me. So when I get stuck, I try my best to spell it out phoneticly as best as I can.
  19. CGAZMailleMan

    We're hiring! PT shipper and Summer manufacturing

    Every time I see a posting about TRL hiring, I daydream about packing up, getting a visa, and moving up there. Even took the time to research the area a bit. It would be an epic adventure, if I didn't have to worry about my little ones. If you ever considder branching out, I am sure that there will be plenty of people here in the states that would be more than willing to help out. Though I even realize that the idea isn't exactly viable. Costs and such just to have a second distribution / shipping center may not be worth the convienance to the customer. At least not here in North America.
  20. CGAZMailleMan

    Paperclip Squirrel mail

    That is nice! Recycled paper clips. Fun project.
  21. CGAZMailleMan

    Pre-closed Rings

    Just to illustrate for everyone, it isn't difficult to calculate TRL's cost per ring. For example, I will use the MXBA1234 rings. 200 rings/bag @ $4.25 per bag To calculate cost per ring, take the cost devided by the number of rings. So this would be 4.25/200=0.02125. This doesn't include the bulk discounts. On an order of $500+, the price drops to $3.40 per bag. Making the ring cost 3.4/200=0.017. For the products that don't come in pre counted bags, but rather by weight, you will have to find the rings per (whatever), then the cost per (whatever) to be able to do the calculation. Once you have the numbers, just plug them into the calculation, and you get your cost per ring. Also, it is best to keep in mind that the ring counts per (whatever) are usually just an aproximation.
  22. CGAZMailleMan

    We're hiring! PT shipper and Summer manufacturing

    I know that it is a bit late, but just to comment... There are actually 3 hospitals in the Sacatoon area. Royal University Hospital Saskatoon City Hospital St. Paul's Hospital So, if you really want to move and make the change when the next oppourtunity arrises, you could always look into it.
  23. CGAZMailleMan

    Mint or Seafoam

    I like the lighter green of the Seafoam. It would help to offset some of the darker colors, and compliment the other "pastel" like colors that are available. (Champagne, Sky Blue, and Pink that I can think of off hand). Would also make for a good Easter color for themed work. And I know that it is WAY late, just adding my two cents.
  24. CGAZMailleMan

    Wedding Maille

    The most stern critic of any artist is the artist themself.
  25. CGAZMailleMan


    Welcome to the Forum. Most of us don't bite (hard at least). Just don't poke the bear, and you'll be fine. The problem is that the bear just happens to be invisible, and roams around randomly... Seriously, welcome! And if you have any questions about anything, there is almost certainly SOMEONE here that can help out.