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  1. Motorcyclemama

    Poll: New 20g Saw Cut AA Size

    Totally! The 7/64" works great for Byzantine so I SAY DO IT! Thanks Bernice!
  2. Motorcyclemama

    Craft Show inventory

    Earrings are best done on little cards - any style really but don't forget to put your info on them -- so at least people have your contact info i-n case they want a matching bracelet or necklace after the fact!! We use grid racks on a triangle, but this in NOT an outdoor suitable set up... wind makes a real mess of the whole thing I
  3. Motorcyclemama

    Good Heavens, everyone is BACK!

    Hey Gina!! Yes, It's been busy and hectic and insane, but It's coming together! If you want to see photos of the shop, we have lots on facebook under our Metal Designz account!! Joe will be at Oasis in Toronto in October, but I have another bead show in Vancouver the same weekend, so we are splitting up and conquering the east and west of Canada in one shot!! So be sure to say hi to him if you are helping again!! Shelley
  4. Motorcyclemama

    Selling chainmaille at a tattoo festival?

    My Husband and I sell at MANY different shows, craft shows are by FAR the best income generating events. We did a few motorcycle shows, a few tattoo shows in our own city, and we traveled to a city of a million in population which is WAY bigger than our city! For craft sales the more the table costs, the more money we tend to make -- so the one we do in November in Alberta sets us back $1500 for a booth but it's WELL worth it. The tattoo shows we have done have been total bombs. I think it is the mentality of the customers -- they are there to spend money on ink, and that is about it. The only positive for me was getting to meet and hang out with Enigma... that is one crazy blue puzzle pieced guy!! It's hard to talk mail when all you want to do is poke his horns.. lol... but once you get that out of the way, it's good.. LOL We've tried more than once in different cities.. and none have been worth the time, hassle, or money for a table!! It could be that we were miss priced for that crowd... perhaps had our prices been higher, and the items more elitist or unique, then they might have sold better, but overall we'll never try another tattoo show again! I hope this helps your decision!
  5. Motorcyclemama

    Good Heavens, everyone is BACK!

    Ok Ok -- ME TOO!! Hey Everyone!! It's been YEARS since I have popped in to say hi. I was surprised my account was still here -- 9 years!! We have been insanely busy!! We opened the world's first Retail Chainmail store on Jan 15th in Saskatoon. We chose a location that is both locally supportive of local small business, and crafts people... and has a TON of foot traffic and tourism, so we are selling a ton of jewelry to non-mailers, while keeping busy on the internet with other customers!! We are also teaching classes which is keeping me busy!! Nice to see so many familiar faces in this thread!! It's a little deja Vous Ish I hope all is well and that everyone is still creating when they can!! Shelley
  6. Motorcyclemama

    Pillars of the Earth

    The books is MUCH better than the mini series.. the sequel is Called "World Without End" and is also excellent. Ken Follett is a fantastic author. His new trilogy - book one is "Fall of Giant's" was a great read-- hard to put down!!
  7. Motorcyclemama

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    Awww... Shaggy Loops is My weave so that's a kick in the pride... LOL! I really hate graduated weaves. Mostly because they are a PAIN in the butt to figure out and make perfect and I get a ton of questions from newbies on which rings sizes to use and how many needed to make such and such... ARGH!! If you want to do it -- figure it out!! Learning by trying it out is the only way to figure it out! Makes you a better mailler if you can problem solve... Most of my customers are beaders trying something new, so it's a little trying at times!
  8. Motorcyclemama

    More chainmail architecture: The house that David built

    Cute!! Next you'll have to make one Barbie doll sized! hahaha
  9. Motorcyclemama

    Faster Packing and Labelled Bags

    I finally got to watch the machine in Action tonight!! VERY COOL!! I love the mirror so you can watch... I get mesmerized easily by watching most of the machines that TRL runs... They could hire me... but I'd get nothing done as I'd need a lawn chair and popcorn, and I'd sit and watch hahaha...
  10. Motorcyclemama

    Glow in the Dark Silicone Rubber Rings

    I've had a LOT of breakage with the WHITE -- no other colours...
  11. Motorcyclemama

    Glow in the Dark Silicone Rubber Rings

    White & Blue glow the best... the darker colours do glow great - the lighter shades glow brighter... I love them!
  12. Motorcyclemama

    what do you drive?

    Black & Shiny -- 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan ... 3 kids, trade shows?? Need a van! It's brand new TODAY!! And is pimped out -- 2 DVD players... 3 tv screens, leather heated seats, nav system, backup camera-- the whole deal-- Should make our family holiday more manageable, entertainment wise
  13. Motorcyclemama

    Take a look here for your work!

    Thanks everyone! Looks like the guy got the point that our community doesn't accept such behavior! Seeing as he said yesterday my photos weren't coming down to having his joke of a site wiped clean! Some people.... *shakes head*
  14. Motorcyclemama

    Take a look here for your work!

    I don't really care that my photo is there... it's free advertising really -- But I wasn't even RUDE -- I simply stated that I wanted my photo removed and this guy turned into a jerk! Is it a 12 year old kid or some who just behaves like one?!?! lol
  15. Motorcyclemama

    Take a look here for your work!

    So I responded - It's simply rude to use a picture on your website in folder marked as "Some of what we make" without pointing out that you didn't MAKE what you are advertising. I don't think my tone is unreasonable asking you to remove my work from your website. Chainmailler and artists in general do not like seeing their work in places they didn't give permission for it to be used. The byzantine photo with my business name is the photo I expect to see removed. The response I got back? it is with a sad heart that i find you to be both rude and boorish dear . my answer to you is a large NO LOL - So this rude and boorish dear will simply have to cry in my pillow tonight... Little does the moron realize that he is giving me FREE ADVERTISING on his website by leaving my company name on it! Stupid people continue to amaze me.