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  1. levirules1

    How much?

    Approximately how much (theoretically) would a long-sleeved euro 6 in 1 shirt, made with 3/8in, 16 gauge, welded, spring-stainless steel rings cost and how long (approximately) would it take to construct it? Thanks.
  2. levirules1

    Smake Skin: HELP!

    it works with hand wound galvy but not with stainless spring steel. It seems the SSS is thicker than galvy. Now I'm using different weaves for my shirt.
  3. levirules1

    What can I make with...?

    Snake skin. It's just European 4 in 1 with two ring sizes. Or smake skin which is double snake skin.
  4. levirules1

    MoRE GuNS!!!!

    If I sent you a piece of armor would you shoot at it or would that be considered dangerous and a bad excuse to use your new weapon?
  5. levirules1

    Scale Help

    A few tips... It's easier if you make longer pieces. Always remember that scales are *usually* arranged in triangles. The ring lord has a tutorial that shows the scales from the back. Big scales are easier to work with. And never make any type of armor if your annoying siblings are around.
  6. levirules1

    Smake Skin: HELP!

    Maby I'll start calling it smake skin instead of double snake skin. I agree that it's catchy... Smake skin is born!
  7. levirules1

    Maille rose

    I found one that I like at http://www.mailleartisans.org/gallery/subcat.cgi?key=24960 and it even gives some details as to what it's made of and what weaves it uses but I can't figure out the top. What is that? 4 in 1? 6 in 1? Both? And what are the edges where the petals meet?
  8. levirules1

    Maille rose

    Let me rephrase that... Does anyone know what ring sizes and what weave would create a petal that would support it's own weight, would not be much too thick and wouldn't flop around? Once I've got the petals I can likely find a weave for the stem that will look good with them.
  9. levirules1

    Maille rose

    HI, I'm wondering how to make a good maille rose. Small rings don't frighten me. Does anyone have a pattern that is both realistic and good looking?
  10. levirules1

    Help with 22ga 5/32

    What weave were you planning to use? If it was European 4 in 1 then you could use 6 in 1 instead. Or you might be able to make elfsheet (derakon.chainmailstore.com). P.S. AR is 6.5
  11. levirules1

    Going on a maille marathon

    My rings still aren't here.
  12. levirules1

    Going on a maille marathon

    If my rings don't get here soon I won't be able to finish it since I'm busy both weekends. Where is that Canada Post truck?
  13. levirules1

    Going on a maille marathon

    I forgot to add this last time but I also need Help with the inlay. I can't find any graphs for snake skin. Does anyone else know where to find one? P.S. Once I'm finished I'll post a picture or two of my whole outfit.
  14. levirules1

    Going on a maille marathon

    Lots more info... My first project was a coif so I know how to do large projects and hopefully the sheer size if it won't overwhelm me. (if you're interested the coif was made with 14 gauge galvy and 3/8in rings.It incorporated 4in1, 6in1 and king's maille.) To solder it I'm using option #2. I'll cut slits in a 2by4 to slot the rings into so that i can do several hundred at once. Also, I'm soldering only the large rings. I've got a leather base which I'll fit it around as I go.Photo 11.jpg It doesn't quite cover my whole top half. There are around 6feet sq. so I got 12lbs. of 3/8 in. and 4lbs. 1/4 in. If this isn't enough I'll let some of the leather show for now and finish it later. As for time, I'm taking distance learning and should be able to make up for what I miss after Halloween.
  15. levirules1

    Going on a maille marathon

    I'll be on my first ever mailing marathon as soon as my order arrives. I'm making a double-snake skin shirt using 1/4 and 3/4 16gauge spring stainless and want to be finished by Halloween. Also, I'm planning to solder all the large rings closed. Is this stupid?